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"The Tagges are one of the Empire's wealthiest families. They own planets."
―Chelli Aphra[src]

The Tagge family,[5] also known as the Tagge dynasty,[6] was a noble and wealthy human family[1] from Tepasi.[2] They owned the TaggeCo company, which had mining facilities on Lucazec[3] and at least one subsidiary, Galacti-Stok.[7] According to Chelli Aphra, the Tagges even owned entire planets.[8]

One of the family's notable scions was Cassio Tagge,[3] an officer of the Galactic Empire who was elevated to the rank of Grand General and placed in charge of the entire Imperial Military after the Battle of Yavin.[9] According to Rebel Commander-in-Chief Mon Mothma, anyone who traveled among the Coruscant elite was well acquainted with the Tagge family.[10]


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