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The Tah'Nuhna, also referred to as the Tah'Nuhnan, were an insectoid sentient species which hailed from the Mid Rim ice-planet of the same name.


The Tah'Nuhna were known as scholars and thinkers, having charted the cosmos and discovered a cure for the Iridian Plague. They were also a peaceful, welcoming society, preferring to remain detatched from conflict and war, having avoided any from the time of the Hundred-Year Darkness to the Rise of the Empire. Their long-withstanding neutrality was respected even by the autocratic Galactic Empire, which never invaded their planet.[1]

However, such status changed when General Armitage Hux of the First Order attacked Tah'Nuhna in 34 ABY, after the latter welcomed and allowed the Resistance to take refuge briefly on their planet, supplying the escapees from Crait. As the First Order began its assault, the leader of the Tah'Nuhnan sent a message for aid, yet the transmission was received by the Resistance far too late as Hux ordered orbital bombardments, which obliterated the planet's surface along with the destruction of Tah'Nuhnan civilization.[1]

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