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"You don't know him. What Ben's had to deal with. I don't care what he said. He would never do this. Ben doesn't need to be hunted. He needs our help."
―Tai to Voe[src]

Tai was a Force-sensitive human male who joined the Jedi Order during the New Republic Era. A student of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Tai learned the ways of the Force alongside other students, including Skywalker's nephew Ben Solo. He was returning from an off-world mission with fellow Jedi Hennix and Voe when the Jedi training temple was destroyed. Finding the temple ablaze, they confronted Solo who overpowered the trio before retreating to Snoke. The three Jedi pursued him, believing he was responsible for the death of their master, although Tai remained adamant that Solo was not a murderer. However, after Solo accidentally killed Hennix on Elphrona, Tai concluded that his former friend was lost and set himself to track him down with Voe so they could kill him.


"Ben, please. The story you're telling us…it can't possibly be true. There must be more to what happened. The Temple, Master Luke, the other students…just talk to us. It can't be as bad as what you're saying."
―Tai to Ben Solo[src]
Tai confronts Ben Solo TRoKR1

Tai confronted Ben Solo and tried to understand his actions.

Luke's pupilsEdit

During the New Republic Era, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker tried to restore the Jedi Order by training a new generation in the ways of the Force.[4] Tai was one of Skywalker's apprentices, along with Hennix, Voe, and Ben Solo.[3] On one occasion, the four Jedi lifted rocks under the supervision of Master Skywalker on the grounds of the Jedi temple where they trained.[5]

One day, Tai and Solo talked about the latter's decision to hide so much about himself. When Ben told him that he did so because of the pressures of living up to his family's legacy, Tai assured him that he needed to be who he really was and that he wasn't as bad as he thought. Comforted, Solo asked him if he was really sure about his words, leading Tai to reiterate him that he shouldn't be afraid of what other people thought about him and just be himself, as the rest would follow.[5]

The Temple's destructionEdit

In 28 ABY,[1] Tai was on an off-world mission[6] with Voe and Hennix. By the time they returned, the Jedi temple was destroyed. They confronted Solo amidst the burning ruins of the Jedi temple, having sensed only his presence in the Force. Solo, who believed their master tried to murder him in his sleep, told the students that he killed Skywalker in self-defense. Tai cautioned restraint, hoping to learn more about what had transpired from Solo's perspective, but the others drew their lightsabers and attempted to subdue Solo by force.[3]

After Solo used the Force to overpower them, including Tai, the three Jedi returned to their starship Verity to prevent Solo's escape. Tai warned Voe against pursuing Solo, knowing that he came from a family that boasted some of the most renown pilots in the galaxy. Solo ultimately escaped and found sanctuary with Snoke, having disabled the Verity with his own vessel, the Grimtaash. Although the three Jedi agreed to continue pursuing Solo, Tai proposed informing Solo's mother, Leia Organa, about the situation. He was overruled by his colleagues, who believed they needed to learn the full story before involving anyone else.[3] They traveled to the Jedi outpost on Elphrona where they found Solo with a mask that once belonged to Ren, the leader of the Knights of Ren. Tai, Voe and Hennix approached him with lightsabers drawn and warned him that there was nowhere left to go.[7]

Duel on ElphronaEdit

With no other option, Solo engaged in a duel against Tai, Voe and Hennix. During the duel, Solo shoved Tai against some rocks with the Force before jumping away to flee. Regaining composure, Tai saw how Voe and Hennix followed Solo to a cliff to subdue him only for Solo to push Voe off the cliff to then freeze her amidst her fall. However, Hennix threw his lightsaber from behind to kill Solo, leading the conflicted apprentice to let go Voe and redirect Hennix's weapon back to him. Tai did his best to slow Voe's fall with the Force, but Hennix was already dead. Before they could do anything, Solo ordered them to enter into the Jedi outpost. Tai tried to ask Solo about Hennix's fate, but Solo insisted that it didn't matter anymore and pushed them into the outpost, then sealing the entrance with rocks.[5]

Long after Solo left Elphrona for Varnak, Tai and Voe pushed the rocks off their way. Upon retrieving his own lightsaber and Hennix's, Tai told Voe that he had read Solo's mind and knew about his plans to meet the Knights of Ren so he could find his true path. When Voe assured him that she didn't care where Ben's path took him but how it would end, Tai agreed with her and declared that he thought their former friend to be lost.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

"I told you Ben wouldn't hurt us. He's not a murderer."

Tai was a human male with pale skin and blue eyes. He had dark colored eyebrows, but no hair on his head. He wore the brown Jedi robes typical of members of the Jedi Order.[3]

A Jedi apprentice, Tai had faith in Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and believed that he would not be able to do anything like trying to kill somebody.[3] Tai was also friends with Ben Solo, his master's nephew and the Jedi temple's prize student. Unlike Voe and Hennix, Tai was able to talk with Ben about his insecurities and helped him by suggesting that he should be like he truly was instead of acting differently to live up to his family's legacy.[5]

Tai trusted Ben Solo and did not believe he would willingly kill his uncle or their fellow Jedi. Even when the others sought to subdue Solo through physical force, he attempted to speak with him to understand what happened and was sympathetic to his struggles.[3] However, following Hennix's accidental death at Solo's hands, Tai concluded that his former friend was lost and agreed with Voe to track him down so they could kill him.[5]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"I sense someone, Voe. I sense…Ben."
―Tai, sensing Ben Solo through the Force[src]

Tai could sense Ben Solo through the Force.

As a Jedi, Tai was sensitive to the Force,[3] though not as gifted as Ben Solo.[4] Through the Force, he had the ability to sense the presence of other sentient beings on the surface of a planet from space.[3]

He was a highly skilled telepath, allowing him to sense the emotions of others as well as reach into the minds of other individuals to search for information. He would come to sense Ben Solo's emotional distress throughout their childhood and, during their second encounter after the young fallen Jedi fled Skywalker's temple, was strong enough to penetrate Ben's mind for a brief time and learned of his next location, which allowed him and Voe to track him.[7]

He was also knew how to use a type of Force healing where he would take on the pain of an injured being so that they would not feel it themselves, although he could not do it successfully when emotionally distracted.[3]


Tai wore tan Jedi robes with a brown cloak. He possessed a blue-bladed lightsaber with a silver hilt.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

"The Quarren Jedi student is named Hennix. The follically-changed [sic] guy is Tai, and the gal is Voe. They’re all cool, and they’re all good at different things, and they all have different relationships with Ben Solo."
―Charles Soule[src]

Tai first appeared in the 2019 comic The Rise of Kylo Ren 1 written by Charles Soule, the first issue of Marvel's Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren mini-series.[3]

Although Tai had blue eyes throughout The Rise of Kylo Ren 1, in one panel they appeared brown.[3]



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