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Wing Leader Taikotelai Akikoma or "Tai" was a male Nagai soldier that took part in their invasion of the galaxy.


Tai was a young Nagai, and like every other member of the Nagai race, he lived in a world under constant threat of death or capture by the Tof. At some point in his history, Tai was captured by Tofs. The memories of his imprisonment would continue to haunt Tai throughout his career in the Nagai navy. Evidence suggests that Tai was sexually abused during his time as a Tof prisoner. Eventually, Tai was able to escape his prison and made his way back to the Nagai.

Back with the Nagai, Tai joined the Nagai navy, where he made his way through the ranks, eventually attaining the rank of Wing Leader. With this rank, Tai fought in the Nagai–Tof War within the Twelfth Squadron. While the war went well, Tai found himself stationed in the Trenwyth system. Unfortunately, the "Old Enemy" engaged the Nagai there. Tai fought against the Tof forces but was shot down and injured while engaging the Tof fighters.

Tai found that he was one of the only Nagai left alive after the battle, and he made his way across the planet trying to avoid the Tof forces that were searching for stranded Nagai. While trekking across the planet's terrain, Tai came across a crashed Rebel team, led by Princess Leia Organa. Recognizing the team as enemies of the Nagai, Tai tried to take the group hostage, but sustaining injuries from his crash, Tai collapsed, unable to summon the strength to keep his blaster trained on the Rebels.

Tai became the Rebel's prisoner, but remembering his previous imprisonment by the Tof, Tai frantically struggled with his captors to release the ropes binding him. However, Princess Leia realized that Tai posed no real threat to the team, so she released his bonds, trying to show the Nagai that they meant him no harm. Slowly, Tai came to change his attitude about his captors and began to befriend the team. While hiding from the Tof ground troops, the Rebels slowly nursed Tai back to full health. After the Tof left the planet, the Rebels decided to return back to the Alliance with their repaired ship.

Leia, knowing that they had no room on their small ship to accommodate a Nagai prisoner, released Tai, telling him to return to his people. Tai left the Rebels with a newfound respect for the Alliance.

This respect, however, would be short lived. Tai returned to Nagai headquarters and presented himself to Commander Knife who congratulated him on surviving the Battle of Trenwyth. However, the demands of Nagai honor required him to take his own life after the disgrace of accepting mercy from an enemy. When Tai failed to carry out this duty, Commander Knife took that duty upon himself and killed Taikotelai.



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