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Tak Base was a minor Rebel Alliance base on Talay, under the command of Admiral Toka during the early years of the Galactic Civil War.

Several months after the Evacuation of Yavin, Tak Base became the target of the first demonstration of the dark trooper project. The new Imperial troopers quickly wiped out the base and all the personnel present (and killing many civilians in the siege), proving their efficiency to Darth Vader. Only the Grey Damsel escaped the planet, but a single hidden dark trooper spelled out its demise.

The massacre mobilized the Rebellion, and mercenary Kyle Katarn was sent by Mon Mothma to investigate. In the ruins of the base he discovered an abandoned dark trooper rifle. This evidence allowed him to discover the secret dark trooper project, tracing it to Moff Rebus on Anoat and finally to the Arc Hammer.



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