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Taki was a Human female and a skilled fighter, who originated from an unknown world outside the known galaxy.


Taki appeared on an icy planet in one of Starkiller's visions and took a crystalline silver-blue sword from his reach. Taki, using the newly-acquired sword, proceeded to fight Starkiller, and the two eventually entered a deadlock. Starkiller spotted an opening in Taki's defense and struck her down with Force lightning. Before walking away and leaving Taki for dead, Starkiller took the sword as his own.[1]

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Personality and traitsEdit

Taki usually wore a purple jumpsuit with her shoulders protected by metal guards and her hair tied up in a ponytail.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Taki was a skilled assassin and adept in sword-fighting. She used a stolen sword to fight Starkiller, though was known to carry a blade of her own.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Taki was pitted against Starkiller as an introduction for Starkiller's appearance in Soulcalibur IV, a popular fighting game.


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