This article is about the capital city of Kothlis. You may be looking for the Tal'cara, a Bothan Dreadnaught.

Tal'cara was the capital city of the planet Kothlis. It contained a Spynet facility. During the Galactic Civil War, the swoop gang Havocs sacked the city.

Maxeena Sov'lya was a local crime boss who ran protection rackets and smuggling in the city.[2]

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The Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide includes a city map of Tal'cara that is inexplicably titled "Kla'taal." However, the name Kla'taal is not mentioned anywhere else within the text or in any other source material. This article therefore treats Kla'taal as synonymous with Tal'cara, possibly as a working title that was not changed before the text's final publication.

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