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Tal Hesz was a leader of the Jabiimi resistance alongside Nolan Gillmunn during the Galactic Civil War.


Though fighting to keep their planet free of Imperial tyranny, Hesz did not trust the Rebel Alliance. When Gillmunn brought a Rebel diplomatic envoy to the planet to meet with the resistance, Hesz was furious. When Hesz found out that a member of the team, one Luke Skywalker was wanted by Darth Vader himself, he promised to exchange the rebel for an end to hostilities on Jabiim. When his plan backfired he was only able to provide Lord Vader with rebel mathematician Jorin Sol. This, along with Skywalker and the others' escape, angered Vader, who ordered the populace of the planet enslaved and an orbital bombardment, reducing the planet to rubble.

Hesz betrayal

The betrayal.

This event devastated Hesz, who undertook a personal mission to find Sol and his people. After weeks of searching, an informant pointed him to Kalist VI. After stealing an Imperial shuttle and disguising himself as a Stormtrooper, he headed for the planet. Hesz arrived just in time to see a Rebel fleet arrive to save his people and Jorin Sol. After the battle on the planet ended, Hesz was found out and taken into Imperial custody.



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