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"The Tal Nami have a very interesting culture."

The Tal Nami were a sentient species from the planet Tal Nami in Hutt Space. They were enslaved by the Hutt species but were renowned for loathing their masters. To survive, members of the species needed to consume both the fruit of the egoa tree and the roots of the capabara plant as part of their regular diet. As the two foods only grew in different regions of the species' homeworld, the Tal Nami developed a rigid honor system for trading. The species became known as avid merchants and haters of those who traded unfairly.

Biology and appearance[]

"Their bodies need two foods to survive—the fruit of the egoa tree and the root of the capabara plant."
―DV-9 explains the Tal Nami's dietary needs[1]

The Tal Nami were a sentient species that evolved on the planet Tal Nami in the system of the same name. Members of the species required two specific elements in their diet to survive: the fruit of the egoa tree and the root of the capabara plant. Individual Tal Nami had both feet and hands.[1]

Society and culture[]

"In order to prevent the entire population from starving, they have developed a code of honor among traders. Each trader tries to make sure the other one gets the better end of the bargain. Since both sides are doing this, it assures a fair trade."
―DV-9 explains Tal Nami culture[1]

Tal Nami were considered avid traders,[2] a reputation that, like other aspects of their culture, developed partially due their dietary needs for survival. The two plants they required grew only in two separate regions of their homeworld, both of which were inhabited by different groups of Tal Nami. Both populations relied on the other for their supply of the vital foodstuff they cultivated; so, to ensure that neither population starved, the species established a code of honor concerning trade. Its strictures stated that merchants had to do their best to ensure that they gave the better end of the bargain to any being with whom they traded. This ensured that the two populations both received a fair bargain, as each population's traders attempted to give the better deal to traders from the other population.[1]

Merchants found to be trading unfairly within Tal Nami society were punished. The punishment consisted of the trader's hands and feet being tied to an egoa tree: the hands were bound to the branches and the feet to the roots. Due to the rapid growth rate of the egoa tree—it grew at a rate of one meter per day—the individual was torn apart. Members of the species had an intense dislike of any trader they believed to engage in unfair dealing, and they pursued such individuals across great distances through the galaxy to punish them.[1] The Tal Nami's hatred extended to the Hutt species, who had enslaved them, since the Hutts were renowned as sly and untrustworthy businessbeings and criminals. Despite their own slave status, Tal Nami openly admitted their loathing of the Hutts,[2] although they paid tribute to their masters.[3]


"Did you say they'd travel light-years to track down…"
―Used starship salesman Meego considers the consequences of angering the Tal Nami[1]

DV-9 was familiar with the Tal Nami's culture.

The Tal Nami homeworld was considered part of the region of space known as Hutt Space as early as 25,000 BBY. The Hutt species, who controlled Hutt Space, enslaved the Tal Nami, although the slaves became renowned for openly loathing their masters.[2] Around the year 3643 BBY, the Tal Nami were late in offering a tribute they owed to the Hutts, and the Hutt Cartel, a Hutt criminal organization, paid individuals involved in underworld trading to find out why. The individuals met with the Tal Nami, who welcomed them and gave what tribute they could, promising more when it was available, as they did not want to anger their masters.[3]

Prior to the year 0 ABY, the Tal Nami developed a code of honor amongst their traders to ensure that all members of the species received dietary requirements they needed to survive while punishing any trader found to be dealing unfairly. In 0 ABY, the research droid DV-9 scared the used starship trader Meego into selling a vessel known as the Shroud to him for a fair price by mentioning the Tal Nami's code of honor and their habit of hunting down unfair traders of whom they learned. The droid informed Meego that his master and the intended owner of the ship, the Shi'ido anthropologist Mammon Hoole, visited friends on Tal Nami often and planned to visit again soon. The droid suggested that certain Tal Nami might see the ship and learn of the way Meego had done business with the scientist.[1] Tal Nami was still considered part of Hutt Space as late as 137 ABY.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Tal Nami were first mentioned in the novel Galaxy of Fear: City of the Dead, released in 1997 as part of the Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear series written by John Whitman and aimed at young readers. The species was mentioned again in the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, written by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace. The species received a mention in the 2011 BioWare MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the game they were mentioned in the text describing an underworld trading task titled "Tribute" which players could send their companions on.



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