"I serve the will of the Mystics. As did my husband. Our names will be joined forever in song."

Tala-Reh was a Voss female elite member of the Voss commandos who fought many battles against the Gormaks during the Cold War and the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. After her husband was killed during a fight against the Gormaks, Tala-Reh swore to avenge him.

Around 3641 BBY, she encountered the Hero of Tython when he arrived on Voss to stop Sith Lord Fulminiss' plan to destroy the planet. After Tala-Reh explained that she was in search of the Mystic Valen-Da, who had left the Shrine of Healing to follow Fulminiss, the Hero suggested they team up to stop Fulminiss. Tala-Reh was hesitant to ally with the Jedi, fearing that harm would come to Valen-Da as a result. But before either of them could react, they were attacked by a trio of Sith apprentices, apparently driven mad. After killing their attackers, Tala-Reh finds a holorecorder on one of the bodies, revealing that Fulminiss created a madness plague on his own apprentices. Tala-Reh then told the Jedi to meet her at the Pilgrim Retreat, a supply camp nearby, so that they could continue their search in earnest.

Later meeting at the camp, Tala-Reh told the Hero that she could not enter the Shrine of Healing. The Hero later returned, explaining that Fulminiss had corrupted a Voss healing ritual to intensify his madness plague. He then passed Tala-Reh a holocommunicator left by Valen-Da that would only work for her. The message explained that Fulminiss was going to the Dark Heart in the Nightmare Lands and he wanted both the Hero and Tala-Reh to find him. The problem for the duo was that the only existing maps of the Nightmare Lands were in Gormak hands. Thus, the Hero went to Gorma-Koss to retrieve the maps before rendezvousing with Tala-Reh in the Nightmare Lands.

The Hero and Tala-Reh fought their way into the Dark Heart, where they confronted Fulminiss and killed him in battle. As the dust settled, Valen-Da explained his reasons for accompanying Fulminiss: to bring Tala-Reh to the Dark Heart. He explained that he had a vision where Tala-Reh would sacrifice herself to destroy the dark side entity called Sel-Makor, thus ending the war with the Gormak and ensuring an era of peace on Voss. However, Sel-Makor raged, refusing to die. He tried to bribe the Hero with promises of power if the Jedi threw Valen-Da into his maw. The Hero refused as Tala-Reh descended into the steps of the maw and vanished in a golden white light, destroying Sel-Makor forever. Saddened by her loss, the Hero made Valen-Da promise to ensure that Tala-Reh's sacrifice would not be forgotten.

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If the player is male, it's possible to start a love story with Tala-Reh. The player is also presented with the dark side option to sacrifice Valen-Da to the Sel-Makor instead of Tala-Reh.


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