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"Behold the patron of glory! Eyes afire with righteous might; skin bathed in the warm blood of the enemy—witness the glory and blazing fury!
His wrath rains down like fire from above. Bodies encircle him like a pyre. His hand never falters; his courage never wanes as the hordes overwhelm him.
His last thoughts turn to his true love. He feels no fear. No pain. The chill of death cannot cool his passion. The hero burns eternal.
―A poem celebrating Tala-Reh's husband[2]

A Voss male was the husband of the Voss Tala-Reh and a member of his species' commandos before the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. On the Voss' homeworld of the same name, Tala-Reh's husband was sent by the Voss Mystic Valen-Da on a suicide mission to confront Jokull, the king of the hostile Gormak species. Knowing that he would meet his own death in the process, the commando challenged Jokull to a duel, and the Voss defeated twenty of the hundred Gormak warriors sent to kill him before he himself fell in battle. The commando's death greatly inspired the Voss people, and many celebratory songs and poems were written in his honor.



"Valen-Da had a vision. He sent my husband to Gorma-Koss. Alone. There he met his fate. He challenged the Gormak king to a duel. The king refused. A hundred Gormak warriors fell on him. Twenty died before he fell. The king sent my husband's head back to Voss-Ka. Just as Valen-Da foresaw."

A Voss male joined the Voss commandos, the military organization of his species on their homeworld of Voss, sometime before the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. He also married a woman named Tala-Reh.[2] At some point before the year 3640 BBY,[1] the Voss Mystic Valen-Da experienced a vision of Tala-Reh's husband and met with the man to explain the prophecy. In Valen-Da's vision, the commando would be killed by Jokull, the king of the hostile Gormak species with which the Voss shared their homeworld, and Jokull would send the fallen warrior's head back to the city of Voss-Ka.[2]

Despite the knowledge that he would die in the process, the commando followed Valen-Da's instructions and traveled to the Gormak city of Gorma-Koss alone, where he came before Jokull and challenged him to a duel. Jokull refused and ordered a hundred of his Gormak warriors to attack the Voss, but the commando fought back and slew twenty of his attackers before he himself was killed. Just as in Valen-Da's vision, Jokull cut off the man's head and sent it back to Voss-Ka. The commando's sacrifice greatly inspired the Voss people, and many joined the ranks of the commandos—including his wife, Tala-Reh, who became a commando and served Valen-Da as his protector. Many songs and poems were written in the man's honor,[2] and in 3640 BBY,[1] Tala-Reh recited one such poem to the Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython when the Jedi's prowess in battle reminded her of her husband.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"You remind me of him. Strong. Fierce. An instrument of Mystic will."
―Tala-Reh, to the Hero of Tython[2]

A steadfastly loyal commando, Tala-Reh's husband was more than willing to lay down his life in the service of the Mystics. Even though he knew he would die in the process, the commando carried out Valen-Da's instructions and challenged Jokull to a duel. Tala-Reh remembered her husband as a strong and fierce warrior, and his sacrifice inspired her to join the commandos herself.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Tala-Reh's husband was first mentioned in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a video game released by BioWare in 2011, during the Jedi Knight class mission "Vault of the Gormak King" on Voss.[2]


Notes and references[]

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