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"Is there anything in the cosmos more beautiful than the purple night sky of Talay?"
―Kyle Katarn[src]

Talay was a oceanic planet located in the Mid Rim.


At some point, a Republic outpost existed on Talay during the Great Galactic War.

Before the Cold War, Republic demolitions expert Tanno Vik masterminded a protection racket while stationed on the planet. He was subsequently discharged from military service.

At the beginning of the Galactic War, there had also been an incident regarding a corrupt army officer who had been selling weapons on the black market.[3]


The attack

The planet hosted the Rebel Tak Base, commanded by Admiral Toka. Several months after the Evacuation of Yavin, the planet was invaded by the Galactic Empire's new dark troopers. Only the Grey Damsel escaped the planet, but the crew did not realize a dark trooper was onboard. The dark trooper killed the entire crew, and the ship crashed on Tatooine. Tak Base was taken over by the Empire. Kyle Katarn infiltrated the base and escaped with a prototype weapon for the Dark Trooper Project, which would then lead him to Anoat.

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Talay first appeared in Star Wars: Dark Forces. In a cutscene, Mon Mothma referred to it as the "City of Talay", which indicates that "Talay" might have meant to be the name of the city rather than the planet. Later official sources identified "Talay" as the name of the planet and "City" should be understood as the Rebel base itself.



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