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The Talcim Cluster was an asteroid field in the Cegul sector of the Outer Rim Territories that had a mining facility that was abandoned and forgotten.


The Imperials there used the asteroid mining facility as a staging point to bring 16 Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttles which were stolen from the Rebel Alliance arsenal. These were made into a group called Noshow. Their plan was to use the escort shuttles to attack planets in the Airam Sector that were sympathetic to the rebels with biological weapons to frame the rebels for attacking their planets. The Rebels however, had sent a strike team consisting of X-wings, B-wings and A-wings on what they thought would be a hit and run tactic only to soon learn the plan and attempt to stop it. The Imperials upon learning of the rebel attack force sent TIE/IN interceptors and called for Avenger squadron in TIE Avengers.

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The outcome of the battle depends on which side the player takes.



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