Tales from Mos Eisley: Heggs' Tale is an 8-page comic featured in Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 2 which was published by Topps in Winter 1995, and was reprinted in the comic Star Wars: Tales from Mos Eisley which was published by Dark Horse Comics in March 1996. It takes place 3 ABY.

Plot summaryEdit

Spacer Sam Heggs meets a bounty hunter drinking Vaschean rye, and offers a grumph egg in exchange for a sip. The bounty hunter, whose name is Jeet Travis, asks to hear how he got it first, to prove that it's a real grumph egg. Heggs explains that he was on the icy Nimba Five hunting bemis when he stumbled upon a nest of grumph eggs. He then saw, somehow, a large jungle just down a small slope.

Heggs climbed down and soon saw a young man being chased by a large, purple, vicious grumph. The grumph ran right past Heggs, chasing the man up a tree. Heggs pulled out his blaster and shot the thing, but the bolts went right through it. Heggs then ran back to the eggs and shot all of them, causing the grumph, and in fact all of the jungle, to fade away. Heggs explains to Jeet that the young man was him, and that destroying the eggs from the present, for some ridiculous reason, caused the grumph in the past to never be born. Jeet doesn't believe him and takes back his drink, but finds it to be empty. Heggs gives him the egg, and Jeet soon discovers that it "tastes like battery acid."


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