Tales from Wild Space: "Gonk!" is a comic story that was published as the secondary story of Star Wars Adventures (2017) 8 on March 28, 2018.

Plot summary[]

Emil Graf and his crew were traveling in Wild Space on their starship the Star Herald. Graf's pet, Noni the Kowakian monkey-lizard was causing trouble on the ship and stole the Hydrospanner from CR-8R "Crater." Emil joked around, telling Crater that Noni loved him but Crater believed it was impossible for her to be in love with as he is an inanimate object. Graf did not believe him and had many stories in mind to prove him wrong, especially on story.

Over thirty years earlier,[3] a Sandcrawler was making its way across the desert on the desert planet Tatooine. A Jawa onboard the sandcrawler named Jitt was serving as the chief mechanic. One day a GNK power droid named EG-30 appeared and Jitt was enchanted by him. She stared at him and then gave the power droid a hug.

Over the next few months Jitt and EG-30 did not leave each other sides. The two worked together, played together, and even went on vacation together. Jitt had never allowed for EG-30 to be sold, always protecting him. Jitt would stand her ground whenever the Jawas reached a moisture farm or a city. But Jitt knew sooner or later, her protests would not be enough. One day the GNK droid would be put out for sale but she was going to try to stop it. She planned it out and worked so when the day would arrive for EG-30 to be sold, she would be ready.

One day EG-30 was brought out by the Jawas and put out for sale. Jitt hid behind the wheel of the sandcrawler, ready to put her plan into action. A device was placed deep inside EG-30 so when the droid was sold the device would activate, blowing up his primary motivator. She was certain that a moisture farmer would never want a faulty droid. Jitt was ready to hit a button to activate the device but backed off. A moisture farmer's little girl loved EG-30 and wanted to keep him. Jitt let him go so the power droid would have the chance to be part of the moisture farmer's family. She thought it was the hardest decision for her to make but she knew it was the right choice.

Back on the Star Herald, Emil Graf finished his story by telling Crater that even if you love something you will have to let it go. Crater argued that there is a difference from the droid in the story Graf told and the hydrospanner Noni stole. Graf admitted it wasn't the perfect analogy but Noni's heart wanted what it wants.


In multiple panels EG-30 is referred to as "RM-30" instead of their actual name, despite EG-30 being discussed and present in these panels.


Notes and references[]

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