"Tales from Wild Space: Majordomo, Major Problems" is a comic story that was published as the secondary story of Star Wars Adventures (2017) 23 on July 3, 2019.[1]

Plot summary[]

Fortuna's though job[]

On the Star Herald in Wild Space, CR-8R "Crater" was angry that the Kowakian monkey-lizard, Noni had gotten jogan fruitcake all over his hydrospanner. Emil Graf told Crater to show more appreciation for the individuals in his life which reminded him of a story.

Decades earlier,[3] on the planet Tatooine the crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure asked his Majordomo, Bib Fortuna to find out what happened to his earnings. Fortuna requested that he take a break to celebrate his birthday, but the Hutt wasn't having it and told him to figure out the problem instead.

The following day, Fortuna reported that even though it took him all night, the earnings were find and it was a piece of foodstuff that confused him. He then asked Jabba if he could finally take a break but the crime lord still would not allow it and sent him off to go inspect weapons. Shortly after, Jabba fed a Ishi Tib bounty hunter to his rancor pet, Pateesa after Fortuna told him that the weapons he inspected were faulty. Fortuna then tried to convince Jabba to give him a break but the Hutt refused again and told Fortuna to go hire him a new bounty hunter.

Fortuna takes a break[]

Fortuna hired a bounty hunter that nearly killed Jabba but Fortuna rescued him from the situation. Fortuna then tried to bargain for a break but Jabba thought he was joking and sent him to go help Pote Snitkin steal landspeeders. After completing the mission, Jabba thanked him but then ordered him to go greet Togruta pirates at the gate. But Fortuna was too exhausted and passed out in front of the Hutt, scaring him.

Not long after, Fortuna was resting but Jabba was confused and worried about who will complete Fortuna's tasks for him. Fortuna convinced Jabba to hire a substitute for him. Jabba did but the substitute disappointed Jabba so he fed the substitute to a sarlacc.

The return of Fortuna[]

Fortuna asked him how the substitute was working for him but Jabba admitted to going through five substitutes in one day. But Fortuna reassured him that he was feeling better and would be coming back to work very soon. Although, Fortuna asked that he get a small break everyday, the reluctant Jabba the Hutt agreed. Fortuna also asked for a birthday present but Jabba forgot when his birthday was.

Back on the Star Herald, Crater still failed to see the point in Graf's story. Graf told him that even though Noni was not as hard working she was still a very important member of the crew. She them knocked Crater over as he approached a live wire, saving the droid. Crater thanked Noni and realized how important she really is.


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Notes and references[]

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