Tales from Wild Space: "Mattis Makes a Stand" is a comic story focusing on Mattis Banz that was published in Star Wars Adventures (2017) 4 on November 29, 2017.[1]

Plot summary[]

Learning new stories[]

While traveling through Wild Space on the Star Herald, Emil Graf had just finished telling his droid counterparts, CR-8R "Crater" and BB-00 "Boo" another story. Emil felt that Crater was being sarcastic when he told him he thought the story was "wonderful" but Crater told him that there was more important things to do while they were in Wild Space. Graf argued that stories are important because they can inspire great acts and inspire individuals to be heroes. He told Crater that stories inspired people like Mattis Banz who grew up on an orphan farm on the planet Durkteel who would do important things after the rise of the First Order.[4]

Stopping a bully[]

Mattis Banz was on a riding on a speeder with his friend, Jinby who was telling him that even though Darth Vader was big and strong, Princess Leia Organa didn't back down and protected her friends. Banz didn't believe the stories but was happy to hear them anyways as it helped the work feel like it went by faster. Jinby told him that stories were an important way to learn about the world and that they had lessons on how to be a good person. Banz believed he already was good but Jinby said that the only way they could know is if his goodness is put to the test. But Jinby was interrupted by the cry of Sol Charless who Mattis Banz thought was operating the splitter when he was told not to.

Banz and Jinby ran off and found Fikk who was holding Sol over the splitter with his leg. Sol called out to Jinby to help him and Jinby called Fikk a "bully". Marn had warned Fikk about picking on Sol but Fikk did not listen. Jinby tried to get Fikk to stop but he was not scared at all. Jinby asked Mattis for help but Fikk threatened Mattis by sending him into the splitter first if he took another step. Mattis Banz thought of the Rebel Alliance heroes, Princess Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, and Admiral Gial Ackbar and all the other heroes Jinby told him in these stories they told. Mattis ran off into the fields instead, surprising Fikk and Jinby. But Fikk was about to continue where he left off.

Out in the fields, Mattis Banz was using the tools around him to create a hemmel reaper. Screaming, he charge out of the fields, scaring Fikk and making him drop Sol. Jinby caught Sol before he could hit the ground and Banz chased Fikk throughout the fields. Banz shouted to Fikk to stop being a bully and Fikk told him that he would pay for this.

Back on the Star Herald, Emil Graf summed up the story by telling Crater that if Mattis had not heard these stories he may have not had the courage to do his heroic acts and that you'll never know who is listening to these stories.


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Notes and references[]

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