Tales from Wild Space: "The Flat Mountain of Yavin" is a story featuring Evaan Verlaine. It was published as the back-up story of Star Wars Adventures (2017) 2[1] on September 20, 2017.[4]

Plot summary[]

The broken ship[]

The Star Herald was traveling through the far reaches of The galaxy called Wild Space. Onboard the Star Herald, CR-8R "Crater" and BB-00 "Boo" were trying to figure out a mechanical failure with the ship. Emil Graf asked the two droids what was the problem but they disagreed on what it was. Crater thought the fuel cells were at fault while Boo thought there was a problem with the hyperdrive. Crater exclaimed that there was no small solution to this problem but Emil thought there could be. He asked Crater if he had ever heard of the Flat Mountain of Yavin. Crater had not and Emil began his story.

Saving the Alliance[]

Evaan Verlaine knocked out an Imperial officer.

Over three decades earlier,[2] the Rebel Alliance had just blown up the First Death Star at the Battle of Yavin but the Galactic Empire was launching an attack on the celebrating rebels. As the Empire attack the Rebel base, Princess Leia asked the a rebel trooper the situation and he told her that the evacuation was underway but most of the Rebel personnel were still inside the base. The princess exclaimed that their fate lied in the hands of Evaan Verlaine. Onboard an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Evaan Verlaine knocked out the final Imperial officer with a punch to the head with other rebel troopers around her.

Crater interrupted Emil Graf's story to ask how they managed to infiltrate and take over an Imperial Star Destroyer. Emil told him that it would be a whole different story but in short a proton torpedo was dropped onto the star destroyer. But it would not be the most difficult task that Evaan and the rebels would face that day.

Verlaine using a Raider-class corvette to divert a star destroyer.

Back at the evacuation, a rebel trooper reported to Evaan Verlaine that the controls were locked and the access codes were not working. Evaan asked what that meant and the rebel told her that they had five minutes until the star destroyer would use all its power to fire down on the base. Evaan stated that they needed a new plan and quick. The trooper argued that there was no time to bypass the security protocol. More troopers started to shout out ideas as Evaan tried to speak. Instead she stormed off shouting that she will handle the situation herself. She ran into the hangar and jumped into a Raider-class corvette. She powered the corvette on and flew out of the hangar and into the ensuing space battle. She flew the ship around the base and then charge straight on to the star destroyer. Before the ship could crash, she made a quick dash to the escape pods on the ship and ejected out while the ship continued to descend towards the star destroyer. The corvette crashed into the star destroyer but it seemed to have barely moved the star destroyer out of its current firing trajectory towards the rebel base. The rebel soldiers inside said that they didn't feel a thing and Evaan Verlaine looked on from the escape pod, believing that the Rebel Alliance was all over.

The star destroyer opened fire at the rebel base but just barely missed it, hitting the mountains behind. Evaan cheered on from her escape pod and the rebel troopers celebrated from the star destroyer. From the surface, Princess Leia contacted Evaan, telling her that the evacuation was complete and congratulating her.

A simple fix[]

Back on the Star Hound, Emil Graf finished off the story by telling Crater that even though the Empire would regain control of the star destroyer, Evaan's actions allowed the Rebel Alliance to leave the planet safely. Emil grabbed a screwdriver and told Crater that "sometimes the tiniest elements can have the biggest impact" as he screwed in a loose screw allowing their ship to function again.


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Notes and references[]

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