"Tales from Wild Space: Win/Lose" is a comic story that was published as the secondary story of Star Wars Adventures (2017) 24 on August 21, 2019.[1]

Plot summary[]

On the Star Herald in Wild Space, CR-8R "Crater" and Emil Graf were playing a game of dejarik. Crater continued to beat Graf in the game until Graf refused to keep playing. Crater wanted to play another game and went off to make Graf some foodstuff so he will keep playing. This reminded Graf of a story about a famous degarik player.

Sometime earlier,[3] the Takodana Castle owned by Maz Kanata was hosting the Galactic Dejarik Association Championship, which was the biggest dejarik tournament in The galaxy. Everyone there knew they could not beat Bilk Plessey. When Plessey arrived he boasted about his achievements but was stopped by Kanata who told him to be patient and that he may not be as good at the game as he thinks he is. Plessey had enough of Kanata's antics and challenged her to a game.

The game began and the players did their game very differently. Each player one games but Plessey was angry when he would lose. The game was tied going into the final match. Plessey bragged that he could beat Kanata with just one arm but Kanata believed he could do it with no arms. ME-8D9 came over and tied both of Plessey arms behind his back, forcing him to play with his nose.

After many hours of playing, Plessey finally won and received his trophy. He bragged to Kanata about being the best dejarik player in the galaxy but Kanata just walked away. Plessey ran over to Kanata, curious about why she left. But she had met the Quarren, Anster Bach who handed her a bag filled with 100,000 credits. Kanata had bet that she could get Plessey to play dejarik with only his nose and she succeeded in doing so. Plessey was speechless.

Back on the Star Herald, Crater returned with bread and convinced Graf to play another three games of dejarik. Graf was fine with that as he now could eat his favorite food.


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  • Bird (Mentioned only) (In flashback(s))
    • Bobber bird (First mentioned) (In flashback(s))
  • Ghhhk (as dejarik piece) (In flashback(s))
  • Houjix (Mentioned only) (In flashback(s))
  • K'lor'slug (as dejarik piece) (In flashback(s))
  • Kintan strider (as dejarik piece) (In flashback(s))
  • Molator (as dejarik piece) (In flashback(s))
    • Grimtaash (as dejarik piece) (In flashback(s))
  • Moof (Mentioned only) (In flashback(s))
  • Nerf (Mentioned only) (In flashback(s))
  • Ng'ok (as dejarik piece) (In flashback(s))
  • Nuna (Mentioned only)

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  • Galactic Dejarik Association Championship (First appearance) (In flashback(s))


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Notes and references[]

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