Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith 2: The Quest for the Sith is the second issue in the Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith series of comics. It was published by Dark Horse Comics on November 1, 1994.

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The Quest for the Sith
On three widely separated worlds, events are unfolding which will severely test the great company of the Jedi Knights and shake the Galactic Republic to its foundations.

On Dantooine, a proud Jedi named Exar Kun sets out to uncover forbidden dark-side knowledge and to learn the secret histories of the fallen Jedi who became Dark Lords of the Sith.

On Empress Teta, young aristocrats Satal Keto and Aleema introduce their friends to the lore of the ancient Sith magicians. Calling themselves the Krath, Satal and Aleema grow progressively possessed by evil, until finally they murder their royal parents and take political control of the seven Tetan worlds.

On the planet Onderon, the great Jedi warrior Master Arca assigns Ulic Qel-Droma and Nomi Sunrider to lead the joint Jedi and Republic task force to root out the Krath and restore peace to the Empress Teta system.

Meanwhile, in the test of his lightsaber skills, Exar Kun humiliates his master, Vodo-Siosk Baas. As Kun prepares to abandon his teacher and leave Dantooine forever, Master Vodo’s words to his apprentice hold great portent for the future of the Galaxy:

“Exar Kun, you are my most formidable student. But I sense something in you that frightens me... something hidden even from yourself... a place that remains unseen because no light escapes from that region of your heart.”

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Cay Qel-Droma and Tott Doneeta await a Jedi archaeologist on Onderon. He is to investigate and collect Sith artifacts discovered in the remains of King Ommin's Lair. The archaeologist, who turns out to be Exar Kun, arrives and inquires about the artifacts. He is met with resistance, and complain to Master Arca, who sees through his ploy. Kun immediately departs for Iziz.

Meanwhile in the Empress Teta system, Satal and Aleema begin annexing the galaxy in the organization they call the Krath. They nearly invade the system, claiming the many, previously peaceful, planets below. Using their dark side powers to alter the perceptions of their enemies they conquer it quickly.

Led by Ulic Qel-Droma and Nomi Sunrider, the Galactic Republic arrives to aid in the resistance effort. Aleema attempts to use her illusions to defeat them, but Nomi can see through the ruse.

Back on Onderon, two Naddist are speaking to a crowd. The crowd becomes angered with them and are about to suppress them, when Exar Kun steps in. He uses the men to assist him in finding the tomb of Freedon Nadd on the Dxun moon. Exar Kun enters the tomb and discovers the sarcophagi of King Ommin, Queen Amanoa, and Freedon Nadd. The apparition of Nadd appears and guides Kun to a set of scrolls written by Naga Sadow. He is told to travel to the world described by the scrolls. As Kun exits the tomb he murders the Naddist who guided him there.

Back in the Empress Teta system, the republic forces realized that the Sith illusions were false and continue their attack. Nomi Sunrider uses the force to touch the mind of Aleema, assaulting her thoughts. Despite the illusions fading, some real ship were mixed in, and begin to assault the republic fleet. Ulic-Qel Droma is hit by flying refuse from the attack and is injured.

Exar Kun translates the scroll, and makes his way to Korriban.


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