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[[Category:Tales of the Jedi|Fall of the Sith Empire 3]]
[[Category:Tales of the Jedi|Fall of the Sith Empire 3]]
[[pl: Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire 3: First Encounter]]

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Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire 3: First Encounter is the third issue in the Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire series of comics. It was published on August 20, 1997 by Dark Horse Comics

Publisher's summary

Before the Empire held sway over the galaxy… before the Rebel forces rose up to create the New Republic… there was the time of the Old Republic. The story of how that grand oligarchy fell from power begins here, in an episode titled "First Encounter".

Plot summary

While testing out the Starbreaker 12, Ssk Kahorr and his assistant Gorrm are shot down by the invading Sith warships; Gav Daragon can only hope that his sister was not aboard. Meanwhile, Memit Nadill arrives on Coruscant to defend the Republic hub from the Sith Empire alongside Tuknatan and Sonam-Ha'ar. Master Nadill arrives just in time, as mere moments after he's touched down in Republic City, the Massassi forces begin rampaging the Republic capital.

As the Jedi Knights struggle to defeat the Sith army in the Battle of Coruscant, former leader of the rebellion on Kirrek, Commander Llaban, vows to Empress Teta to defend Kirrek against the Sith Empire.

Meanwhile, as the Sith invade Koros Major, Odan-Urr hands Jori Daragon a lightsaber to defend herself with, and Odan-Urr flies off to the upcoming Battle of Kirrek. Gav Daragon, commander of the Koros Major invasion fleet, flies down to the surface, flanked by a group of Massassi bodyguards, to look for his sister Jori. He walks into Aarrba's repair dock, and Aarrba is quickly killed by the Massassi, much to Gav's shock and horror. Jori walks in and, assuming it was Gav who killed Aarrba, attacks him with her lightsaber.

On Kirrek, Odan-Urr and his Master Ooroo prepare themselves, as the Sith dropships land on Kirrek's surface, unleashing thousands of Massassi and war beasts upon the battlefield.

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