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Tales of the Jedi - The Golden Age of the Sith 1: Into the Unknown is the first issue of the Legends comic book series Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Golden Age of the Sith. It was written by Kevin J. Anderson, illustrated by Dario Carrasco, Jr., and published on October 1, 1996 by Dark Horse Comics.

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Navigators and explorers are a special breed — they blaze the paths others will follow. They must have strength, drive, and hope, and be more than a little fearless. But nowhere is it written that they must have luck. Gav and Jori Daragon make their living charting the routes of hyperspace and selling those routes to traders and haulers. When a starswarm cluster batters their ship, they land on the planet Cinnagar, destitute and forlorn, and convince the relatively amiable Aarrba the Hutt to make the necessary repairs.

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For centuries, in a protected vault in the great library of
Ossus, the captured Sith Holocron closely guarded its
legends and histories. Until now…

Five millennia before the birth of Luke Skywalker and fall of Palpatine's
Empire, a thousand years before Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma
joined forces in a sweeping conflagration known as the Sith War, the
Old Republic was riding high and expanding. It was a time when
the great Jedi Knights had tamed a mere portion of the galaxy, a time
of rugged frontiers — colony worlds were being established, while
vast portions of space remained unexplored. Long-distance travel
was often treacherous and uncertain.

Each year, new hyperspace paths were mapped by intrepid, hyperspace
explorers, who sought useful roadways through an incomprehensible
dimension. These intrepid risk-takers (some called them crazy) relied
on blind luck as much as skill, gambling everything in a high-stakes
game to map a valuable new route across the star lanes, hoping to
find their fortune…instead of their deaths.

While out mapping new hyperspace routes, Gav and Jori Daragon's ship, the Starbreaker 12, is damaged. They take it in to Aarrba the Hutt's repair dock on Koros Major, and he repairs it, but decides to hold it from them until the repairs can be paid for in full.

Meanwhile, one of Merchant Lord Ssk Kahorr's drone ships crashes on Primus Goluud while using one of the Daragons' routes. Angered, Kahorr sends a pair of bounty hunters after them, but they are able to escape with help from Odan-Urr and Memit Nadill. The Daragons duck into an alley, and Gav decides to steal back the Starbreaker 12 and go farther than they ever have before. They sneak into Aarrba's dock and do so, but are quickly pursued by Cinnagar security forces. Jori punches in random coordinates, sending the Starbreaker 12 into the unknown.


The front matter of Tales of the Jedi - The Golden Age of the Sith 1 dates the story to 5000 BBY.



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