Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War 5: Brother Against Brother is the fifth issue in the Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War series of comics. It was published by Dark Horse Comics on December 19, 1995.

Opening crawlEdit

Brother against Brother
Exar Kun dispatches his Sith-possessed disciples on a mission to destroy their own Masters. Across the galaxy, Sith students attack, slaughtering great Jedi, though sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

On Master Thon’s world, Nomi Sunrider and Sylvar are attacked by dark-side creatures manipulated by Oss Wilum and Crado – who was Sylvar’s mate. Nomi, Sylvar, and Thon succeed in driving them back, capturing Oss Wilum. Crado escapes – but not before Sylvar slashes his cheek she once did to Exar Kun.

When Crado returns to report his failure, Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma describe a new plan: the ancient Sith ship, buried on Yavin Four by the Sith Lord Naga Sadow, contains horrifying power once used to manipulate the fiery hearts of stars. Kun and Ulic charge the treacherous Aleema with commanding a mission to lure the Republic forces to the isolated station Kemplex Nine. There, the power-hungry Aleema will use Sith magic to detonate stars and devastate the Jedi. Ulic knows he is secretly sending Aleema to her doom to pay for her crimes. The hapless Crado, eager to restore his own honor, begs to go along and Exar Kun grudgingly agrees.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the slaughter of Jedi Masters, Dace Diath, Shoaneb Culu, and Qrrl Toq lead the main Republic forces to battle...but Kemplex Nine has already been devastated. They spot a Sith ship fleeing into the densely packed stars of the Cron Cluster. Weapons blazing, Dace, Shoaneb, and Qrrl Toq lead the pursuing Republic forces...into a trap! Aleema triggers the Sith weapon that rips the core out of a star, instantly devastating the Jedi fleet. But what Aleema does not suspect is that she has set up a chain reaction. All the stars around her explode, disintegrating the great Sith ship as well. Aleema and Crado die howling in betrayal.

The shockwave from the multiple supernovas churns across space like a tidal wave of doom at the speed of light, heading directly for the Jedi archive world of Ossus. As the planetary evacuation begins, Ulic and Exar Kun rush to claim the precious artifacts before the firestorm arrives...

Plot summaryEdit

On a mission to steal Jedi artifacts from the planet Ossus, Ulic Qel-Droma faces his brother, Cay. Cay attempts to bring Ulic to the Light Side, but is instead attacked by Ulic. After a fierce duel, Ulic strikes his brother down, but realizes soon after that he has made a mistake in killing his brother and begins crying.

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