Tales of the Jedi: The Sith War 6: Dark Lord is the sixth issue in the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Sith War series of comics. It was published on January 1, 1996 by Dark Horse Comics.

Opening crawlEdit

Dark Lord
Ulic Qel-Droma and Exar Kun dupe Aleema into setting off a massive supernova explosion in the Cron star cluster, and shockwaves sweep toward the Jedi library planet of Ossus. Republic commander Vanicus, working with Master Thon, Tott Doneeta, Cay Qel-Droma, Sylvar, and Nomi Sunrider, arranges for immediate evacuations. Desperate Jedi scramble to rescue artifacts, scrolls, Holocrons, and other precious objects.

Sending Mandalore off to retake the former dark-side world of Onderon, Ulic and Kun begin their assault on Ossus. Kun wants to grab the artifacts for himself before all are lost in the impending holocaust. During the surprise attack, Cay recognizes Ulic’s ship and rushes aboard the ''Nebulon Ranger'' to stop his brother. After a fierce air battle, however, Ulic shoots down Cay and pursues the ''Ranger'' as it crashes to the surface.

Exar Kun takes his Massassi bodyguards and strides through the abandoned Jedi library, ransacking it for lost treasures. He encounters tree-like Master Ood, who is at work stashing a collection of ancient lightsabers in a shielded vault, hoping to protect them from the supernova firestorm. Ood resists Kun’s attempt to steal the lightsabers by undergoing a final metamorphosis, plunging roots into the ground and driving Kun back with a blast of power drawn from the depths of Ossus. Unfortunately, Ood is now firmly planted and will not be able to escape the starfire due to strike in only a few hours. Leaving Ulic to take care of himself, Kun takes his booty and escapes to his secret base on Yavin Four.

After downing the ''Nebulon Ranger'', Ulic confronts Cay in the wreckage. Cay, still insisting that he can save his brother, keeps urging Ulic to return to the light side but he refuses. As they duel with lightsabers, Cay continues to provoke Ulic, begging him to snap out of his shadowy trance caused by Sith poisons and Ulic’s own burning guilt at his failure to protect Master Arca. Finally, when he can no longer stand it – as Nomi Sunrider and Tott Doneeta rush to stop the clash – Ulic strikes down his own brother and is left in shock and horror of what he has done...

Plot summaryEdit

As Mandalore the Indomitable and his Mandalorian warriors are carrying out an attack on planet Onderon, Ulic Qel-Droma is convinced by his own brother's death to leave Exar Kun and reveals Kun's location to the Jedi. Back on Onderon, Republic reinforcements arrive and the Mandalorians retreat to a nearby moon, called Dxun.

A giant group of Jedi arrive on Yavin 4. As a last resort, Exar Kun gathers the last of his Massassi and tells them to hide, as backup, in case Kun is unable to defeat the Jedi. Exar Kun performs a Sith ritual, sacrificing his own body to create a giant fire all across Yavin 4. The Jedi believe that the fire has killed Kun and they retreat.

On Dxun, the Mandalorian warriors find Mandalore the Indomitable's dead body and to continue their traditions, one of the Mandalorians equips Mandalore's helmet and names himself "Mandalore the Ultimate".

Two years later, Ulic returns to Yavin 4, to see what really happened, but finds nothing, however Exar Kun is still alive and senses Ulic, but is unable to do anything, as he is trapped.

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Behind the scenesEdit

After Nomi Sunrider Sever Force from Ulic Qel-Droma, Ulic recalls how he lost his master "Thon". However in reality Thon is a different Jedi Master and stood beside him; Ulic refers to his master Arca Jeth whose death caused Ulic to fall in the dark side


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