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Tales of the Jedi – The Fall of the Sith Empire 1 is the first issue of the Star Wars Legends comic book miniseries Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Fall of the Sith Empire. It was written by Kevin J. Anderson, illustrated by Dario Carrasco, Jr., and published on June 18, 1997 by Dark Horse Comics.

The issue features the story "Desperate Measures," in which the Sith begin their conquest of the Republic.

Publisher's summary[]

The Sith Empire has rallied its forces for an all-out battle for control of the galaxy. Their goal: Crush the Republic. And with so many Sith masters amongst them, the goal is not unachievable. As Naga Sadow readies his fleet to attack, one lone person threatens to undermine the entire campaign -- Jori Daragon. She isn't a Jedi. She doesn't come from a military background or have a history of fighting. She's an explorer, a mapper of hyperspace who stumbled on the plans of the Sith. And she just may be the savior of the Republic.

Plot summary[]

Opening crawl[]

Desperate Measures
Five thousand years before the birth of Luke
Skywalker, young Gav and Jori Daragon
accidentally set in motion one of the most
devastating wars the galaxy has ever known.
Fleeing trouble in the Koros system, which has
been newly unified by the benevolent Empress
Teta, Gav and Jori race into unexplored
hyperspace, hoping to make their fortune — but
their path lands them right in the heart of the
awesome Sith Empire!

Taken prisoner by Sith Lords, Gav and Jori are used
as pawns by the ambitious Naga Sadow — who has
just declared himself the new Dark Lord. The twins
spend weeks hiding under Sadow's treacherous
protection, while the Dark Lord begins training Gav in the
Sith magic of illusions.

Naga Sadow has plans, though, to use the brother and
sister as scapegoats: he wishes to expand the Sith Empire, to
launch a war of conquest against the Republic — but first he
must defeat his deadly rival, Ludo Kressh. Dropping hints and
planting spies, Sadow lures Kressh into attacking his seemingly
vulnerable fortress. In the full devastation of battle, Naga
Sadow separates Gav and Jori, forcing Jori to take their
impounded ship, ''Starbreaker 12'', to escape alone back to the
heart of the Republic.

After Jori flees, Sadow springs his surprise on Ludo, wiping out the
rival's fleet while Ludo himself barely escapes. Now with his
opponent trounced, Sadow can move the military might of the Sith
Empire on its greatest conquest — against the unsuspecting Republic.
A secret transmitter hidden in Jori's ship will show them exactly where
to go....

Daragon's flight[]

Exiting hyperspace above Koros Major, Jori Daragon and her starship Starbreaker 12 narrowly avoid collision with a Koros battleship. While being pursued by starfighters, Jori contacts the Cinnagar Space Traffic Control tower, attempting to warn them about the Sith Empire. However, they ignore her, treating her as a fugitive. Upon landing, Jori is arrested by the Cinnagar authorities for grand theft, firing upon Cinnagar security ships, destruction of property, and fraud.

Meanwhile, on Khar Delba, Gav Daragon watches as the Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow's slaves labor to repair the damaged decoy fortress. Aware of Gav's humble origins, the Sith Lord gifts him several jewels. Shortly later, several Sith Lords from all over the Sith Empire arrive to swear allegiance to Dark Lord Sadow. Sadow vows to conquer the Galactic Republic.

Despite his harsh upbringing, Gav is troubled about bringing death and destruction to his home. Sadow tries to reassure Gav by claiming that the Republic is an oppressive system and that things will be better under the Sith Empire.

Warning the Republic[]

Back on Cinnagar, Jori tries to warn the local authorities but they dismiss her warnings as bedtime stories and send her to a detention center. Jori catches sight of her former Hutt guardian Aarrba but he is angry that she has taken advantage of his kindness and believes she is lying. The Cha'a merchant Ssk Kahorr claims the Starbreaker 12 as partial payment for the losses caused by the Daragons. Jori tries to warn them that the Starbreaker 12 has the coordinates to find her brother but her pleas go on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, at Empress Teta's palace, Jedi Knight Odan-Urr reflects on him and Empress Teta's disastrous meeting in Coruscant. His fellow Knight Memit Nadill informs him that the Empress has summoned him for a meeting. The Empress informs him that his Master Ooroo has come to check on his students.

Odan-Urr tells his master that he has been very busy with his tasks as a Jedi Knight and misses the days of his peaceful tutelage. Ooroo counsels his apprentice that a Jedi must learn action as well as knowledge. He confides that he too has been experiencing visions of a threat beyond the Republic's borders. Ooroo reassures Odan-Urr that he is not alone in sensing this threat. Ooroo senses a coming war that will cross the fabric of hyperspace.

Empress Teta shows Master Ooroo her efforts to keep her forces in a state of readiness by keeping the armaments factories and shipyards warning. While Coruscant chooses to ignore this threat, she vows to fight for the glory of the Republic and not to let the Koros system fall to an outside enemy.

Plans of invasion[]

In the Cinnagar Detention Center, Jori tries to warn her guards and fellow prisoners about the Sith Empire but her warnings fall on deaf ears. The warden tells her to make her story entertaining due to the large backlog of war crimes trials. Jori wishes that she had stayed with her brother Gav.

Back on Khal Delba, Naga Sadow rallies his Sith Lords for their coming invasion of the Republic. Ludo Kressh's flagship returns to Naga Sadow's decoy fortress. Kressh contacts the Sith Lords by holoprojector and denounces Sadow as a traitor who will bring them to ruin. Sadow tells his reluctant apprentice Gav to push a button on the wall. He does so, causing Kressh's ship to explode in a globe of flame, presumably killing him. Believing his rival dead, Sadow tells Gav that he had planted a tracer on the Starbreaker 12 as part of his plan to invade the Republic.



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