Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire 2: Forces in Collision is the second issue in the Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire story arc in the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi series of comics. It was published on July 23, 1997 by Dark Horse Comics.

Opening crawl[]

Forces in Collision
During the chaos of a civil war in the Sith Empire, Republic captive Jori Daragon sees a chance to steal her ship, ''Starbreaker 12'', and flee the stronghold of Naga Sadow, the Dark Lord of the Sith. Only the navicomputer on ''Starbreaker 12'' holds the coordinates for her to get home, to safety – even if it means she must leave her beloved brother, Gav, behind in Sadow's clutches.

What Jori doesn't know, however, is that Naga Sadow has himself engineered the crisis so that she will rush back to the rich star systems of the fabled Republic. With a tracking device hidden on her ship, he can lead the military might of the Sith Empire on a sweeping conquest. Sadow has intentionally kept Gav, training the young man as his protégé. When the ship of Sadow's defeated rival, Ludo Kressh, appears over the fortress world, broadcasting a message and demanding to be heard, the Dark Lord of the Sith tricks Gav into firing a preemptive strike that blows Ludo's ship out of the skies. Now no one will challenge Sadow's ambitions, and the way is clear for him to take the Republic as his own...

Meanwhile, Jori survives the rigorous flight across the galaxy, arriving back at Koros Major, capital of Empress Teta's newly unified seven worlds. She bears her message of grave import, broadcasting an emergency on all channels – but Jori stumbles headlong into her own tarnished reputation. She and Gave have left under bad circumstances, skipping out on large debts and obligations, fleeing the law. No one will listen to Jori or her urgent warning. She has cried wolf too many times in the past. Instead, under the weight of numerous warrants for her arrest, Jori is taken into custody, her ship impounded. As her accounts of the legendary Sith Empire fall on deaf ears, Jori is dragged off to trial...

Publisher's summary[]

Jori Daragon is on trial for offenses against Empress Teta's government. But far from being a lawbreaker, Jori is trying to reach the Empress, to warn her of the dark plans of the Sith Empire. If she is found guilty, she will be confined to a colony planet. And then nothing will stand between the Empress and the Sith.

Plot summary[]

On Koros Major, Jori Daragon faces trial in Cinnagar's "overflow courtroom 4" on several charges including grand theft, firing upon Cinnagar security ships, destruction of property, fraud, resisting arrest, reckless mayhem and unauthorized departure. Jori tries to warn the judge that her brother Gav is being held captive by the Sith Empire and that the Sith are preparing for an invasion. Dismissing her account as fairy tales, the judge sentences her to hard labor on the colony world of Ronika.

The Cha'a merchant Ssk Kahorr gains ownership of the Starbreaker 12. While being led aboard a prison ship, Jori is issued with allergy pastes, anti-venom ampules, emergency scab bandages, and ultraviolet eye shields.

Meanwhile, on the planet Ch'hodos, the Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow rallies the forces of Sith Lord Shar Dakhan for an invasion of the Republic. Gav Daragon is uncomfortable with Sadow's references to fresh blood but the Sith Lord claims that it was a figure of speech. An increasingly uncomfortable Gav hopes to find his sister.

Naga Sadow's forces gather above Khar Shian from the far reaches of the Sith Empire. His forces include warships, Sith war behemoths and Sith war rhinos. Sadow's forces include a Sith Meditation Sphere, that will serve as the focal point of his attack.

On the hot and rocky colony world of Ronika, Jori labors under the hot sun. Feigning an injury from a stinger moth, Jori flees aboard an ore shuttle. Jori flies the shuttle back to Koros Major but is shot down by security ships. She manages to bail out with a parachute and lands in the streets of Cinnagar.

Jori manages to sneak into Empress Teta's palace and warns the Empress of the imminent Sith invasion. Odan-Urr confirms the similarity between Jori's claim and his vision. Empress Teta, who shares Odan-Urr's concern about the Sith Empire, begins rallying her forces in preparation for the upcoming war.

High above Khar Shian, Naga Sadow appoints Gav Daragon as commander of the Koros Major invasion fleet aboard his Sith Meditation Sphere. As the Dark Lord instructs Gav in the Sith arts, his armada s heads into hyperspace towards the Republic.


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