Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire 3: First Encounter is the third issue in the Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire story arc in the Tales of the Jedi series of comics. It was published on August 20, 1997 by Dark Horse Comics

Opening crawl[]

First Encounter
After escaping from Naga Sadow and the Sith Empire, Jori Daragon arrives back in the Republic, broadcasting her warnings. But no one will believe her, not her old friend Aarrba the Hutt, and not the judge. She loses possession of ''Starbreaker 12'' to the greedy, reptilian merchant lord Ssk Kahorr, and she is sent off to a harsh colony world to serve her penal sentence....

Jori wastes no time escaping from the planet, though. She MUST deliver her warning to Empress Teta, no matter what. She succeeds in stealing an ore hauler, flies back to Cinnagar, and ejects to safety as her stolen ship is shot down. Jori makes her way through the city streets, boldly climbs the exterior of Empress Teta's palace, and breaks inside.

Meanwhile, her brother Gav is still stinging from Naga Sadow's tricks. The Dark Lord reminds Gav of his downtrodden life in the Republic, and how it will be different under Sith rule. Sadow's fleet takes shape from the scattered planets of other Sith Lords: vast ships, huge battle beasts, heavy weaponry. Sadow will direct battle from his sinister meditation sphere. Still tempting his protégé Gav, Sadow gives him military command of the fleet. Reeling with uncertainty about attacking his home, and wishing Jori could be with him, Gav takes the helm. The Sith war fleet launches toward the Republic, following the beacon hidden inside ''Starbreaker 12''....

In her palace, Empress Teta meets with her Jedi advisors Memit Nadill, Odan-Urr, and his ancient Master Ooroo. Ooroo has arrived because he, too, senses the dark undercurrents, frightening visions that suggest a terrible impending war...even though the officials on Coruscant will not heed the warnings. Suddenly, Jori drops from the balcony, breathless, shouting her story before the guards can silence her. Empress Teta hears enough, though, to know this is confirmation of their greatest fears. Jori nearly collapses with relief when the Empress and her Jedi summon their defensive fleet and prepare for battle.

But it may already be too late, because Naga Sadow is on his way....

Publisher's summary[]

Before the Empire held sway over the galaxy… before the Rebel forces rose up to create the New Republic… there was the time of the Old Republic. The story of how that grand oligarchy fell from power begins here, in an episode titled "First Encounter".

Plot summary[]

While testing out the Starbreaker 12, Ssk Kahorr and his assistant Gorrm are shot down by the invading Sith warships. Gav Daragon is horrified and outraged. The Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow reassures Gav that his sister Jori Daragon, was not aboard. Sadow orders his forces to strike the Republic capital of Coruscant. While Gav is charged with leading the main fleet, Sadow retreats to his Sith Meditation Sphere to work on their most powerful weapons.

Meanwhile, Memit Nadill arrives on Coruscant where he is greeted by his fellow Jedi Tuknatan and Sonam-Ha'ar. Before they can assess the planet's defenses and rally the Jedi, the Sith Empire arrives with a fleet of ten thousands of ships and a large Massassi army and war beasts, which rampage Republic City. As the Battle of Coruscant rages, the Jedi form a defensive perimeter around the Senate Hall.

At Empress Teta's palace in Cinnagar, the Emperor studies a tactic screen showing the prongs of the Sith attack against the Republic. Jori Daragon and Jedi Knight Odan-Urr are present. With the Empress' forces outnumbered, Empress Teta accepts an offer from the former Kirrek rebel Commander Llaban to defend his homeworld of Kirrek against the Sith Empire in return for amnesty.

As the Sith invade Koros Major, Odan-Urr hands Jori Daragon a lightsaber to defend herself with, and Odan-Urr flies off to the upcoming Battle of Kirrek. Gav Daragon, commander of the Koros Major invasion fleet, flies down to the surface, flanked by a group of Massassi bodyguards, to look for his sister Jori.

Descending down into Cinnagar, Gav is horrified by the damage inflicted upon his hometown. After landing his ship, he walks into Aarrba's repair dock. Denouncing Gav as a "traitorous salt-monger," the Hutt spits in his face, provoking the Massassi to attack and kill him much to Gav's shock and horror. Aarrba manages to kill several Massassi as well. Jori walks in and, assuming it was Gav who killed Aarrba, and attacks him with her lightsaber.

On Kirrek, Odan-Urr and his Master Ooroo prepare themselves, as the Sith drop ships land on Kirrek's surface, unleashing thousands of Massassi and war beasts upon the battlefield. The former rebels assume defensive positions on the walls and trenches with pikes. The Sith deploy warriors and war beasts, beginning the Battle for Kirrek.



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