Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire 4: The Dogs of War is the fourth issue in the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Fall of the Sith Empire story arc in the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi series of comics. It was published on September 17, 1997 by Dark Horse Comics.

Opening crawl[]

The Dogs of War
The merchant lord Ssk Kahorr is out joyriding in the ''Starbreaker 12'', recently confiscated from Jori Daragon, when Naga Sadow's entire war fleet homes in on the locator hidden aboard. Sith ships appear like a stampede out of hyperspace and annihilate ''Starbreaker 12''. Sadow tries to soothe Gav's outrage by assuring him that his sister wasn't aboard. Then the Dark Lord goes into isolation in his meditation sphere, where he will direct the various prongs of their conquest and prepare Sith surprises for the defenders....

Empress Teta sends her Jedi advisor Memit Nadill to Coruscant to summon the Republic's military might – but the sky is filled with thousands of Sith pyramidal drop transports. The ships unleash hordes of ground forces, giant beasts ridden by Sith Lords and Massassi warriors. When the Republic Jedi meet Sith sorcery in the city streets, it is new and frightening. Nadill and the other Jedi rally their forces around the Senate Hall to make their last stand....

Wearing battle armor, Teta launches everything she has against the Sith fleet – but seeing the enormous invasion force, she doesn't know if she can defend her own worlds. The beautiful city of Cinnagar must be preserved! Jori wants to fight as a pilot, but most ships were damaged in the recent wars. With a gleam in her eye, Jori goes to Aarrba the Hutt's repair dock, where she's sure she can scrounge up something.

The rebels recently beaten on Kirrek offer to fight if the Empress will grant them amnesty. Odan-Urr, who helped defeat the rebels, and his Master Ooroo offer to help them. The armies gather in a fortified citadel as Sith drop ships disgorge huge fighting forces. Swarms of Massassi warriors sweep over the plains toward the stronghold, and the defenders prepare for the fight of their lives....

Gav runs the blockade over Cinnagar, hoping to shut down the defenses and take the world in a bloodless victory...but he has really come for Jori. He looks for his sister at Aarrba's repair dock. Seeing Gave, the Hutt is outraged, provoking the Massassi bodyguards to retaliate. As he stands in shock over the dying of Aarrba, Jori arrives, horrified at what her brother has done....

Publisher's summary[]

The Sith invasion rages on, as the dark side of the Force takes the upper hand over the Old Republic. But Dark Lord Naga Sadow is about to learn that winning a battle is not the same as winning a war!

Plot summary[]

At Aarrba's repair and salvage business in Cinnagar, Gav Daragon flees the attack of his enraged sister Jori, who believed that he killed Aarrba. Gav flees on a shuttle and boards a Sith battleship. Jori follows him. Realizing that the ship is heading into hyperspace, she wonders what Gav is trying to tell her.

Gav travels on his battleship to the red giant Primus Goluud, where Dark Lord of the Sith Naga Sadow's Sith Meditation Sphere is lurking. Sadow is controlling the Sith assaults from his meditation sphere. With Sadow preoccupied, Gav fires on his meditation sphere, causing much of the Sith forces on Coruscant to fade, being merely an illusion made to give off the impression of a much larger army. With this knowledge, the Republic forces and Jedi are able to defeat the Massassi warriors. Though the Sith have been forced into a retreat, much of the capital lies in ruins.

Naga Sadow lures Gav into his meditation sphere, offering to talk things out. Seeking to make restitution for his part in the Great Hyperspace War, Gav travels aboard a shuttle to confront Sadow. When he reaches the Sith meditation sphere, Sadow escapes aboard his shuttle, leaving Gav trapped aboard the meditation sphere.

Meanwhile, as the Battle of Kirrek rages on, Ooroo shatters his own cyanogen tank, spreading the fumes across the battlefield and into the nostrils of hundreds of Massassi, killing them in seconds. However, being a Celegian, Ooroo dies soon after, poisoned by the oxygen in the air. But his sacrifice was not in vain, as the prisoners from Ronika arrive to assist the Koros troops, turning the tide in their favor, and soon winning the battle. Jedi Knight Odan-Urr grieves for his fallen master but Ooroo comforts him by telling him that he will live a long and fulfilling life and die among his precious books and scrolls.

Above Primus Goluud, a fleet of Teta's ships led by the Empress herself and Jori Daragon arrive, soon followed by Naga Sadow's fleet. Seeking to make amends, Gav transmits the Sith Empire coordinates to Teta, as Sadow uses a superweapon attached to his ship to activate several solar flares on Primus Goluud's surface. The Sith fleet flees, and Teta's ships do the same. Gav, unable to pilot the severely damaged meditation sphere, is killed in the explosion. Before leaving, Gav makes peace with his sister Jori.



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