Tales of the Jedi – The Golden Age of the Sith 5 is the fifth issue of the Star Wars Legends comic book miniseries Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Golden Age of the Sith. It was written by Kevin J. Anderson, illustrated by Dario Carrasco, Jr., and published on February 12, 1997 by Dark Horse Comics.

The issue features the story "The Flight of Starbreaker 12," in which Ludo Kressh launches an attack on Khar Delba, and Jori Daragon makes an escape to the Republic. The story was continued in the comic book miniseries Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Fall of the Sith Empire.

Publisher's summary[]

Gav and Jori Daragon knew they could be killed in their chosen line of work -- mapping out uncharted hyperspace flight paths could easily result in a deadly meeting with an unexpected meteorite shower or an unknown world. But it's neither comets nor planets that threaten them now. Rather, it's their success that may cost them their lives. They've successfully mapped a hyperspace shortcut -- a shortcut which could prove strategically imperative in the event of war. And war is just what Gav and Jori have found themselves in the middle of. Trapped between two factions of the Sith, each vying for control of the galaxy, this sibling duo of hyperspace pioneers has become a pawn to the dark side of Sith magic.

Plot summary[]

Opening crawl[]

The Flight of Starbreaker 12
In the midst of a bitter struggle in the
magnificent Sith Empire, Naga Sadow stages
a violent charade — freeing innocent captives
Gav and Jori Daragon and secretly whisking
them and their ship, ''Starbreaker 12'', off to his
private fortress. He then plants evidence to imply
that the rescue strike was the precursor to a full-
scale invasion from the Republic.

Sadow uses the turmoil to seize control of the
Empire, proclaiming himself Dark Lord of the Sith. His
arch rival, Ludo Kressh, vows never to follow him and
storms off, taking his supporters with him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, the
scholarly Jedi Odan-Urr travels to Coruscant with the
Empress Teta and her advisor Memit Nadill. There, they
speak of Odan-Urr's visions about the threat of long-
forgotten Sith forces, but — despite the silent concern of the
other Jedi Knights in attendance — they are laughed out of
the council chambers…

Naga Sadow has deeper plans for Gav and Jori. Separating
them, he keeps Gav in his main stronghold on the moon Khar
Shian while Jori remains in a "decoy" fortress on the main planet
Khar Delba. He begins to train Gav as his protégé, teaching him
rudimentary Sith magic while Jori broods, anxious to return home
with ''Starbreaker 12''. Only the navicomputer of their ship holds the
convoluted information on how to find the great Republic.

Ludo Kressh, however, discovers Sadow's trickery and mounts an
armed rebellion against the evil Dark Lord, vowing to fight to save the
Sith Empire from Sadow's reckless plans. As Sadow visits Jori in his
decoy fortress, Kressh's warships come in, intent on the toal destruction
of the Dark Lord of the Sith…

Attack on Khar Delba[]

As Ludo Kressh's forces continue attacking Naga Sadow's decoy fortress on Khar Delba, Horak-mul and Dor Gal-ram are confident of victory. As Sadow's defenders exchange fire with Kressh's forces, Sadow tells Jori Daragon to leave and head back to the Galactic Republic.

Jori is reluctant to leave her brother Gav Daragon behind but Sadow convinces her that she has to flee because they are being attacked by a "treacherous" Sith Lord who will torture her into revealing information about the Republic. In truth, Sadow wants to use her ship as a beacon to lead the Sith invasion forces into the Republic.

Meanwhile, at Naga Sadow's citadel on Khar Shian, Gav is kept in the dark about Sadow's plan and comes to question his role as the Sith Lord's trusted advisor and companion. He hopes that the Sith Lord knows what he is doing and that his sister Jori is alright.

Sadow's reveal[]

Flying the Starbreaker 12, Jori dodges laser fire from Kressh's fleet. Kressh spots the Starbreaker 12 and believes that Sadow is in league with the Republic spies. Kressh tries to shoot down the Starbreaker 12 but the nimble scout ship manages to evade him.

Suddenly, a massive fleet of warships arrives from Naga Sadow's true fortress on Khar Shian. Sadow reveals that his fortress on Khar Delba was just a decoy. He pushes a button, and the Massassi on Horak-mul's ship kill the Sith Lord. The Massassi on Dor Gal-ram's ship do the same, as the Khar Shian fleet opens fire on Ludo Kressh. He retreats, leaving his rival the victor of the Battle of Khar Delba via forfeit.

Return to the Republic[]

Back on Khar Shian, Gav reflects on his new Sith skills, having learn to monitor the battle from afar. He is relieved to learn that Jori has escaped on the Starbreaker 12. Having defeated his rival Kressh for now, Sadow issues orders for the other Sith Lords to prepare their ships for an invasion of the Republic, using Jori's ship as a beacon.

Meanwhile, on the Starbreaker 12, Jori vows to find help for her brother Gav when she gets home. A tracking beacon beeps, as Jori unknowingly leads the Sith Empire straight into the Republic.



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