Tales of the Jedi - The Sith War 5 is the fifth, penultimate issue of the Star Wars Legends comic book miniseries Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Sith War. It was written by Kevin J. Anderson, illustrated by Dario Carrasco, Jr., and first published on December 19, 1995 by Dark Horse Comics.

The issue features the story "Brother against Brother," in which Ulic Qel-Droma is confronted by his brother, Cay, in a deadly duel.

Publisher's summary[]

It's Jedi against Jedi, brother against brother, and blood will spill. Brothers Cay and Ulic Qel-Droma lead their respective Jedi forces against one another -- Cay with his honorable but unproven students, Ulic with the ascendant Dark Jedi horde. As the forces clash on the planet Ossus, the right to the powerful historical artifacts of the ancient Jedi await the victor.

Plot summary[]

Opening crawl[]

Brother against Brother
Exar Kun dispatches his Sith-possessed
disciples on a mission to destroy their own
Masters. Across the galaxy, Sith students
attack, slaughtering great Jedi, though
sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

On Master Thon's world, Nomi Sunrider and
Sylvar are attacked by dark-side creatures
manipulated by Oss Wilum and Crado — who was
Sylvar's mate. Nomi, Sylvar, and Thon succeed in
driving them back, capturing Oss Wilum. Crado
escapes — but not before Sylvar slashes his cheek as
she once did to Exar Kun.

When Crado returns to report his failure, Kun and Ulic
Qel-Droma describe a new plan: the ancient Sith ship,
buried on Yavin Four by the Sith Lord Naga Sadow,
contains horrifying power once used to manipulate the fiery
hearts of stars. Kun and Ulic charge the treacherous Aleema
with commanding a mission to lure the Republic forces to the
isolated station Kemplex Nine. There, the power-hungry
Aleema will use Sith magic to detonate stars and devastate the
Jedi. Ulic knows he is secretly sending Aleema to her doom to
pay for her crimes. The hapless Crado, eager to restore his own
honor, begs to go along and Exar Kun grudgingly agrees.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the slaughter of Jedi Masters, Dace
Diath, Shoaneb Culu, and Qrrl Toq lead the main Republic forces to
battle…but Kemplex Nine has already been devastated. They spot
a Sith ship fleeing into the densely packed stars of the Cron Cluster.
Weapons blazing, Dace, Shoaneb, and Qrrl Toq lead the pursuing
Republic forces…into a trap! Aleema triggers the Sith weapon that
rips the core out of a star, instantly devastating the Jedi fleet. But what
Aleema does not suspect is that she has set up a chain reaction. All the
stars around her explode, disintegrating the great Sith ship as well.
Aleema and Crado die howling in betrayal.

The shockwave from the multiple supernovas churns across space like a tidal
wave of doom at the speed of light, heading directly for the Jedi archive
world of Ossus. As the planetary evacuation begins, Ulic and Exar Kun rush to
claim the precious artifacts before the firestorm arrives…

The coming apocalypse[]

As the deadly shock wave from the Cron Cluster approaches Ossus, the Jedi and Galactic Republic evacuate the planet's civilian population and artifacts. The Sith Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma travel to Ossus, intending to loot the planet. While Kun is remorseless, Ulic is still troubled by the memory of Aleema Keto.

While Mandalore the Indomitable has taken most of his forces to attack the Iziz Royal Palace on Onderon, Ulic has brought a squad of Mandalorian warriors known as Viper Alpha.

Raiders on Ossus[]

At the Great Jedi Library of Ossus, Jedi and Republic forces evacuate the library's scrolls an treasures. As society descends into chaos, the Jedi prepare to evacuate. However, Cay Qel-Droma and Nomi Sunrider catch sight of Ulic's ship. Still determined to bring Ulic back to the light side, Cay pursues Ulic's ship in the Nebulon Ranger. However, Ulic shoots one of the Nebulon Ranger's engines, causing it to crash.

Meanwhile, Kun lands his starship Starstorm One. The Dark Lord of the Sith and his Massassi warriors accost Jedi Master Ood Bnar who is hiding his lightsabers and scrolls inside a sealed vault. Following a brief lightsaber duel, Ood Bnar is defeated. However, the Jedi Master uses the Force to transform himself into a giant tree. Kun abandons Bnar to the coming conflagration.

The enraged Sylvar, seeking vengeance for the corruption of her mate Crado, attacks Kun's Massassi warrior but is soon knocked out. Having accumulated enough loot, Kun and Massassi warriors depart back for Yavin 4, reasoning that Ulic can look after himself.

While Tott Doneeta evacuates scrolls, Republic soldiers check homes for evacuees. While Nomi, her daughter Vima Sunrider, and Master Thon prepare to evacuate, Captain Vanicus receives reports that the evacuation ship Kedriss One is under attack from Mandalorian warrior riding Basilisk war droids. Cay and Tott also see the stricken Nebulon Ranger and realize that Cay is in trouble.

Duel on Ossus[]

After landing the stricken Nebulon Ranger, Cay confronts his fallen brother Ulic, who warns him to stay away. Cay notices that Ulic is bleeding but Ulic responds that it is a Sith wound. Seeking to save Ulic from the dark side, Cay engages in a lightsaber duel. Cay pleads with Ulic to control his anger over Master Arca Jeth's death, since it drove him to seek revenge and led him down into darkness.

This angers Ulic who cuts off Cay's cybernetic arm. Cay kneels and tells Ulic that he loves him. Ulic responds that he should have just let him alone before striking him down with his lightsaber. Ulic is soon stricken by grief and guilt and weeps over his fallen brother. Nomi and Tott soon arrive but are too late to save Cay.

Overcome by grief and rage, Nomi strips Ulic of his Force powers. When Tott asks Nomi what she has done, she explains that Master Odan-Urr taught her to strip an opponent of the Force but never imagined that it would be so complete. Nomi is horrified that she has no idea what she has done while Ulic struggles with the loss of his Force powers.



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