Tales of the Jedi 3: The Saga of Nomi Sunrider, Part 1 is the third issue in the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi series of comics. It was published on December 1, 1993 by Dark Horse Comics.

Opening crawl[]

The time of Ulic-Qel Droma is remembered
as an important turning point in the history
of the Old Republic. It was a time when the
dark side of the Force rose up with unexpected
fury against the Galaxy...and nearly drove the
Jedi Knights to extinction.

The names of the Jedi Knights who stood fast in
those days still ring down through the ages. Their
histories and legends are recorded in luminous detail
in the crystalline recesses of the Jedi Holocron.

Another Jedi Warrior, whose skill in the art of Jedi
Battle Meditation will never be forgotten, is Nomi

Journey with us now as the Jedi Holocron reveals the
unusual path Nomi Sunrider followed to mastery of the Jedi

Plot summary[]

Jedi Knight Andur Sunrider, his wife Nomi, their daughter Vima and their droid A-3DO depart from H'ratth to meet Master Thon in the Stenness system, delivering Adegan crystals. Whiel A-3D0 repairs the hyperdrive, Andur tells Nomi that his teacher told him to give the Adegan crystals as a gift to Master. Both Nomi and Vima are also Force-sensitive. While Nomi is too timid to be a Jedi, she and Andur believe that their daughter Vima will become a great Jedi. Andur wants to teach Nomi and their daughter to become Jedi.

On the way, the Sunriders stop at a hyperspace port near the Stenness Node, where Bogga the Hutt hears word of the Adegan crystals Andur's carrying. Bogga sends three of his thugs; Gudb, Quanto and Rek; to kill him and retrieve the crystals. The gangsters pick a fight with the Sunriders' droid A-3D0. When Andur confronts the gangsters, Gudb throws his small Gorm-worm Skritch on Andur, which bites him in the neck and killing him.

Nomi cries out in terror, but is contacted by her husband's spirit, telling her to take his lightsaber and defend herself with it. She quickly strikes down Quanto and Rek, but Gudb is able to escape. Using the Force as a guide, Nomi, Vima and A-3D0 travel to Master Thon's home on the planet Ambria to continue the delivery at Andur's request.

After landing on Ambria, Nomi leaves Threedee behind to watch the Lightside Explorer, traveling through the desolate wasteland of Ambria to find Master Thon. On the way, they pass by Lake Natth, where Nomi is tormented by dark side voices. However, another voice tells her not to listen to the dark side and to follow a herd of staga, which takes her to a lone house. There she is met by Oss Wilum riding, unbeknownst to Nomi, Master Thon. Oss has been expecting Nomi and her child and invites them into the house.

Meanwhile, at the order of Bogga the Hutt, Gudb and several other gangsters have tracked down and entered the Lightside Explorer, shooting down 3D0 in the process, in an attempt to obtain the Adegan crystals. While Oss feeds his "beast friend," Nomi recounts her husband Andur's death to Oss and asks why he died despite being strong with the Force. Oss explains that the Force's projection is a matter of attention and that a Jedi can be undone if distracted; something that has been exploited by some opponents of the Jedi over the centuries.

Nomi also recounts that she killed two of her husband's murderers and followed Andur's command to deliver the crystals to Ambria. Before she can hand the crystals to Oss, they hear a commotion. Bogga and his lackeys have hunted and killed a staga. Before they can drag it aboard Bogga's sail barge, Oss confronts them but is overpowered and knocked to the ground.

Before the gangsters can finish off Oss Wilum, his "beast friend" attacks them and uses his Force powers to overwhelm them, forcing Bogga and his henchmen to retreat. To Nomi's surprise, Oss thanks his "Master" for demonstrating that a lightsaber is not the only way to fight. When Nomi asks why he calls the creature "Master", Oss reveals that the beast is Master Thon, and so beginning the saga of Nomi and her daughter Vima, who became great Jedi under the tutelage of Master Thon.


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