Tales of the Jedi 5: The Saga of Nomi Sunrider, Part 3 is the fifth issue in the Tales of the Jedi series of comics. It was published on February 1, 1994 by Dark Horse Comics.

Opening crawl[]

Following the tragic death of Jedi Knight
Andur Sunrider, Nomi Sunrider and her
daughter Vima meet Master Thon, an
armor-plated creature of savage
visage...and great wisdom.

On Thon's arid world, Nomi and little Vima
encounter dark side dragons. As the baleful
entities attack, Nomi is forced to use her
undeveloped power of Jedi Battle Meditation to
rescue her child.

When Thon's apprentice Oss Wilum is called to join
battles with the dark side far across the galaxy,
Nomi Sunrider is left behind to begin her Jedi training
with the fearsome Master Thon.

Meanwhile, a space pirate named Finhead Stonebone
hijacks an Ithullian ore hauler and incurs the wrath of
Great Bogga, the reigning crimelord of the Stenness
system...and the very Hutt who murdered Andur Sunrider.

Captured by Bogga's ruthless enforcers, Stonebone and crew
are dragged before the Hutt for punishment.

Plot summary[]

Hutt entanglements[]

On the Taboon moon, the pirate Finhead Stonebone, seeing his first mate Roko slaughtered by Ktriss, pledges himself into the service of Bogga the Hutt. Bogga makes Finhead his vassal and tasks him with recovering the Adegan crystals and killing Jedi Master Thon.

Master and apprentice[]

Meanwhile on the planet Ambria, Master Thom begins Nomi Sunrider's Jedi training. He tells her that it is not enough for a Jedi to know the light but that they must also feel the tension between the two sides of the Force. He explains that the dark side challenges and tests them, frocing them t reach beyond themselves like when she rescued her daughter Vima Sunrider.

When Nomi recalls that Oss Wilum told her that Thon chose Ambria because the dark side dwells there, Thon explains that the planet had a great darkness but that drove it into Lake Natth. Thon wants to rest near the lake but Nomi is worried because this is where the hssiss that attacked her child live. Thon instead takes Nomi and Vima to a nearby rift to meditate.

There, Master Thon explains that the Force is deeper in this rift. He also tells her that Jedi can learn to use their lightsabers as an instrument of meditation for focusing the mind and strengthening their connection to the Force. He tells her that she must construct a lightsaber using the adegan crystals she brought. Still feeling guilty about killing the two criminals in self defense, Nomi refuses to have anything to do with lightsabers.

A history lesson[]

Respecting Nomi's wishes, Master Thon instead brings Master Arca Jeth's holocron to educate Nomi and Vima about the history of the Force and the Jedi. At Thon's prompting, the holocron's gatekeeper Master Ood Bnar recounts the history of the Jedi Order's wars with the armies of the dark side. He explains that the Force has always been with them, surrounds and penetrates them. Those who are Force-sensitive can use it for good and evil.

Bnar explains that evil began before recorded history when magicians used dark side powers to make themselves into kings and gods, exploiting the weak-minded. Bnar also explains that dark siders also used their dark powers to wage war, destroying entire nations and civilizations. Some of these dark siders were Jedi.

When Master Thon tells Master Ood that the Jedi of his time whisper of a coming conflict, Bnar prophesies that the shadow of the dark side will eventually fall across the galaxy in their day. Bnar also prophesied that Nomi would play an important part in the battles to come. Not understanding the situation, the young Vima is frightened by the holocron.

In return for the adegan crystals, Master Thon gifts Nomi his lightsaber, which he trained under his master. Unwilling to continue with her Jedi training due to her fear of lightsabers, Nomi considers returning to her homeworld to start a new life.

The pirate attack[]

While Nomi struggles with Ood Bnar's prophecy, Finhead Stonebone's pirate gang and Booga's enforcers travel on their E-2 Asteroid Miners Marauder Starjacker and Stenness Raider to Ambria. The pirates deploy Armored skiffs and attack Master Thon's hut. A-3DO flees the bombardment. Master Thon thinks it is an opportunity for Nomi to use her lightsaber but she refuses to use it.

Against Nomi's protest, Master Thon rides with her and Vima towards the pirates' armored skiffs. Refusing to wield her lightsaber, Nomi takes her child to safety. She hides behind a rock with A-3DO and they make plans to flee aboard the Lightside Explorer. With his apprentice unwilling to fight, Master Thon surrenders to Finhead's pirate gang and Bogga's enforcers.

Speaking telepathically, Master Thon convinces Nomi to use her battle meditation skills to pit the pirates against Bogga's enforcers. Finhead wants to take the crystals to Bogga while other gangsters want it for themselves. Watching the gangsters fight, Nomi has a change of heart and decides to wield Master Thon's lightsaber. She kills several pirates and gangsters. Thon joins the fight and unleashes powerful waves of Force energy. The pirates fleet aboard their skiffs. Standing over the remains of fallen pirates, Thon says that nobody wants enemies but that they can be useful because they force us to reach beyond ourselves and find courage.

A new chapter[]

That night, Master Thon says that the holocron prophesied that Nomi would become a great Jedi. He coppiments her for using her Jedi powers well. While cuddling her daughter Vima, Nomi says that she could not have done it without Master Thon. She believes that his Force powers amplified hers. Thon disagrees and says that he left her entirely to her own devices. Nomi decides to join the Jedi's battle against the dark side.


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