"Welcome, student. I am Ood Bnar, gatekeeper of the Jedi Holocron. It is both my duty and my honor to instruct you in the ways of the Jedi, and to present to you the true accounts of those brave Jedi Knights who have gone before you. I warn you now to proceed at a cautious pace, for the lure of the dark side is all that more powerful when you rush to embrace and control the Force. Seek the light, always. Shun the dark, always. These words I hope will stay with you forever. Now come, your training begins…"
―Ood Bnar[2]

Tales of the Jedi Companion is a sourcebook for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, published by West End Games in November 1996.

The book covers information related to the first three story arcs of the Tales of the Jedi comic book series by Dark Horse ComicsStar Wars: Tales of the Jedi — Ulic Qel-Droma and the Beast Wars of Onderon, Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Saga of Nomi Sunrider, and Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi — The Freedon Nadd Uprising.

Publisher's summary[]

Four millennia before the rise of Emperor Palpatine, Jedi Knights struggle against the dark side of the Force and its minions. Ancient Sith sorceries have reemerged after a thousand years of dormancy, threatening the peace that has reigned across the galaxy since the Fall of the Sith Empire...

The Beast Wars of Onderon and the Freedon Nadd Uprising have hurled the galaxy toward the inevitable clash between good and evil, and brave Jedi like Ulic Qel-Droma, Nomi Sunrider, and Tott Doneeta have joined force with the Republic to fend off the growing darkness.

This companion to the popular Dark Horse comic book series features detailed game statistics and histories for the people, places, starships, vehicles, and droids involved in the events leading up to the Great Sith War. In addition, this book includes a detailed listing of all Force powers ever featured in any Star Wars Roleplaying Game product. A section on designing and running a Tales of the Jedi campaign, plus new equipment and character templates, enables gamemasters to create their own adventures during this time of conflict between shadow and light.

The epic struggle against the dark side of the Force is only beginning...


  1. Introduction
    • The Galaxy's Past Revealed
    • Prelude to War
    • The Tales of the Jedi Campaign
  2. Chapter One: An Era of Conflict
    • The Advent of Hyperspace Travel
    • A Dark Time Draws Near
    • The Beast Wars of Onderon
    • The Saga of Nomi Sunrider
    • The Freedon Nadd Uprising
  3. Chapter Two: The Jedi
  4. Chapter Three: Jedi Powers
    • The Force Skills
      • Control
      • Sense
      • Alter
      • Other skills
      • Force Powers
      • Sustaining powers
      • Relationship
      • Proximity
    • Control Powers
      • Absorb/Dissipate Energy
      • Accelerate healing
      • Concentration
      • Contort/Escape
      • Control pain
      • Detoxify poison
      • Emptiness
      • Enhance attribute
      • Force of will
      • Hibernation trance
      • Instinctive astrogation control
      • Rage
      • Reduce injury
      • Remain conscious
      • Remove fatigue
      • Resist stun
      • Short-term memory enhancement
    • Sense Powers
      • Beast languages
      • Combat sense
      • Instinctive astrogation
      • Life detection
      • Life sense
      • Life web
      • Magnify senses
      • Receptive telepathy
      • Sense Force
      • Sense Force potential
      • Sense path
      • Shift sense
      • Translation
      • Weather sense
    • Alter Powers
    • Control and Sense Powers
    • Control and Alter Powers
      • Accelerate another's healing
      • Control another's disease
      • Control another's pain
      • Control breathing
      • Detoxify poison in another
      • Feed on dark side
      • Force lightning
      • Inflict pain
      • Place another in hibernation trance
      • Remove another's fatigue
      • Return another to consciousness
      • Transfer Force
    • Control, Sense, and Alter Powers
    • Sense and Alter
      • Dim other's senses
      • Lesser Force shield
    • Special Force Powers
  5. Chapter Four: Sith Reborn
  6. Chapter Five: Sith Powers
    • The Essence of the Sith
    • Sith Holocrons
      • How holocrons work
      • Different types of holocrons
      • Finding a holocron
    • Sanctuaries
    • Sith Artifacts
      • Concentration
      • Ensnarement
      • Healing
      • Force mask
      • Shield
      • Translation
      • Swords of the Sith
    • Destroying a Sith Talisman
    • Sith Powers
      • Sith Disciplines
        • General
        • Body
        • Energy
        • Illusions
        • Mind
        • Mechanical
        • Protection
      • Alter
        • Bolt of Hatred
        • Dark side web
      • Control and Alter
        • Aura of uneasiness
        • Electronic manipulation
        • Waves of darkness
      • Sense and Alter
        • Force wind
      • Control, Sense, and Alter
        • Drain life energy
        • Memory wipe
  7. Chapter Six: Neutrals
    • The Galactic Cauldron
      • The Masses
      • Random Encounter Table
    • Criminal Organizations
    • Diplomats
    • Droids
    • Explorers
    • Force-users
    • Information brokers
    • Jump Beacon Patrols
    • Pirates
    • Rocket-Jumpers
    • Traders
  8. Chapter Seven: Species
  9. Chapter Eight: Creatures
  10. Chapter Nine: Vehicles and Starships
  11. Chapter Ten: Technology
    • Major Corporations
    • General Equipment
      • Breath masks
      • Code slicer
      • Dehydrated food pack
      • Fibra-rope
      • Gtro-grappler
      • Infra-goggles
      • Med-aid
      • PTP Link
      • Rocket Pack
      • Wide-scan binocs
      • Armor
        • Concussion helmet
        • Concussion vest
        • Flex armor
        • Dura-armor
        • Link armor
      • Weapons
        • Melee weapons
        • Lightsabers
        • Ranged weapons
          • Auto-caster
          • Blast-rifle
          • Pulse-wave blaster
          • Pulse-wave light cannon
          • Pulse-wave rifle
          • Quick-draw pulse-wave blaster
          • Throwing knife
          • Wrist-caster
        • Explosives
          • Grenade
          • Magneta-mine
  12. Chapter Eleven: Sites
  13. Chapter Twelve: Running a Tales of the Jedi Campaign
    • An Era of Conflict
    • State of the Galaxy
    • The Level of Technology
    • Skills
      • Tales of the Jedi Character Skills
    • The Jedi Knights
      • Finding an instructor
      • Apprenticeship
      • Holocrons and Ancient texts
      • Learning skills and powers
      • Increasing Force proficiency
      • Flexing Force powers
    • Astrogation Gazetteer
    • Optional Rule: Eliminating Required Powers
    • Optional Rule: Dramatic Force Use
    • Lightsaber construction
    • Ossus
    • Visions and premonitions
    • Refereeing a group of Jedi
    • The Jedi Way
      • The Code of the Jedi
    • The Dark Side of the Force
    • Adversaries
      • Crimelords
      • Dissidents
      • Pirates
      • Raiders
      • The Sith
    • Campaign/Adventure Ideas
      • Jedi Campaigns
        • Jedi player characters
        • Ongoing goals
        • Designing adventures
        • Developing a campaign
  14. Chapter Thirteen: Ruins of Kabus-Dabeh (RPG Adventure)


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Notes and references[]

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