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Ammo consumptionEdit

I would totaly disagree with this article stating that a powerpack would only hold 10 enough gas for 10 bolts.

Most moderatly powered blaster rifles would be able to get 100 shots or even more from a single powerpack, according to most sources.

High powered blasters or those that had been modified like Han Solo's DL44 used more gas, sometimes limiting it to as little as 25 shots.

A holdout blaster had a very small powerpack and held very little gas and could only manage a few shots.

Disrupter weapons used huge ammounts of blaster gas and had very high energy consumption as a result

In short there are two main factors in how many shots a powerpack can hold:

  • 1 The size of the powerpack. More gas would obviously last longer
  • 2 The power of the blaster. A more powerful blaster would consume much more blaster gas per shot, draining the powerpack faster

I'm not even going to bother listing the sources here because they really are on any article on wookiepedia, wikipedia, any of the RP rulebooks and the like with anything even remotly to do with a blaster.


No gasEdit

This article makes very little sense, and is in direct contradiction with what we know of blaster technology. According to every tech specification I've ever read (and I've read a few) a blaster power packs carries no gas whatsoever, it only contains energy, an electrical charge to power the bolt. The blaster gas is already in a cannister inside the blaster. The power pack must be replaced often, and how many shots it carries depends on the blaster (usually from 25 to 100 shots). The gas cannister, however, has a much longer lifespan. I don't recall exactly how many shots it could fire, but you won't usually have to replace it during a firefight, it's more of a maintenance thing. Gry Sarth

Merge? Edit

Would it be appropriate to merge this page with Power pack page? It is the same content and this page isn't necessary. 20:12, July 24, 2014 (UTC)

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