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Location? Edit

I doubt this is the place to speculate, but I've often tried to look at the in-game galaxy map and compare to The Essential Atlas to make a guess of which planet Carrick Sation is around. I know speculation couldn't go into the article, but I love the idea of speculating on it nonetheless. Based on its in-game galaxy map location(a little west of Coruscant), my only guess for a major planet it could be orbiting is Metellos. The other nearby planets on the Metellos Trade Route(Norkronia and Alland) look too far south to be the location. Though allowing for slightly fudged distances(like Taris' being close to Korriban in TOR), it could be a little further west/northwest like Rangoon. But given Metellos' relative prominence in its small area, I think it's one of the more likely worlds.

None of this means anything that could be used in the article(and I know Talk Pages being used to babble about the entry is frowned on), but just something I've had bouncing in my head for a few months. RogueJedi86 20:23, March 14, 2012 (UTC)

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