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Does anyone else hate the picture of Dash with a live actor? He looks an unemployed couch potato with a styrofoam space suit. He completely ruins my image of Dash as a rugged, charming smuggler and mercenary.

  • No way, I think that looks great. Is that really John Knoll? Hard to believe. Can anyone tell me what it was from?-- 17:23, 4 August 2006 (UTC)

It's terrible. John Knoll or not, that's the worst depiction yet of Dash. I don't even like how the Hildebrandt brothers depicted him, like that guy from Top Gun (not Tom Cruise or Kevin Bacon, the blonde one, "Ice" or something). Really, the only good depiction of the character is from the Shadows of the Empire game. Almost everything is complete shit. -- 07:12, 4 October 2006 (UTC)

  • No way. Say what you want about the picture. (At first I thought it was from a movie.) He looked terrible in the N64 Shadows of the Empire. Then again the graphics in that game were so bad, some scenes and characters looked like they were drawn by a retarded nine year old with oil paint. (The in-game wampa models come to mind.)

Yeah... I agree with the topmost comment. John Knoll or not, that does not looks good. Neither does ANY of the depictions of him here. The N64 cutscenes were the only really good ones. He looked very... Corellian in those. Just an opinion lol.

  • This is an old discussion, but why not switch the photo and the lower painted picture of Dash from the Shadows cards? That way we keep the photo image and move it instead of deleting it. --JMM 18:49, 26 June 2007 (UTC)
    • Okay, first, we should definitely be using the photograph in the infobox. And second, for posterity's sake: that is not John Knoll—it is Jon Knoles. :-| -- Ozzel 23:01, 1 July 2007 (UTC)

Despite this being an old discussion, I have to agree on hating the live action image. It's simply cringe worthy. As someone who was playing the game when it first launched, it simply doesn't do the character justice based on that experience alone. Since I'm unable to upload, I want to post my suggestion here: Media: . That's been the enduring image of Dash Rendar for nearly two decades. It's a full image of the character, detailed, and is closest to the image of the in-game model without actually being the in-game model. It tells you everything you need to know about him. -- Nomad_iR22 11:21, 16 November 2012 (UTC)


i just changed the part stating that it was unconfirmed if the YT-2400 in the special version was indeed the Outrider, due both to the star wars wiki page on the 'Outrider' and the database page on the 'Outrider'...

  • Where does the New Outrider come from? It's not mentioned in Or Die Trying, and Dash doesn't appear in any of the NJO books - Kwenn
    • I'm with Kwenn on this. Sounds like fanon. Eyrezer

On the appearances, instead of saying that he was "possibly piloting" the Outrider during Episode IV, shouldn't that be changed to the fact that he was, based one what we know from the Swoops Appendix?--Hedec Ga


Um, the databank article says that Dash's homeworld was Corellia. I've lost my copy of Shadows, so could someone confirm that? -- SFH 15:10, 26 Oct 2005 (UTC)

Different Quote?Edit

I have expanded the article as requested, but feel we could have a better quote to highlight his arrogant nature, as inteded by Lucasfilm.

How about "Pretty Good? I slept through most of that battle, kid. I could have stayed and knocked over those walkers all day without raising my heartbeat." - Dash on the battle of Hoth (from the SotE novel) KastMorben 11:30, 2 February 2006 (UTC)

  • Sounds much better than what's there at the moment.... go for it! --Azizlight 11:34, 2 February 2006 (UTC)


I say that he should be removed form there for his appearances, since he isn't actually seen in either movie. It'd be like listing TK-622 as appearing in ANH just because he was on the Death Star when it was destroyed. Kuralyov 00:19, 26 March 2006 (UTC)

  • Still, one can hope for a shot of him, Leebo, and the Outrider in ESB sometime in another SE down the road.
  • Kuralyov has a good point. -BaronGrackle 08:08, 10 October 2006 (UTC)

"Squad of Bothan pilots"?Edit

I don't remember there being any bothans, never mind a squad of them when the Suprosa was apprehended. My only source for this is X-Wing: Alliance, do any better source say bothans? Edit: Just to clarify, i know there were bothans involved, but it makes it sound like a squad of bothan fighters were there or something.Crazymoon 18:55, 4 May 2006 (UTC)

  • Check Shadows of the Empire. Luke leads a squad of Bothans in Y-wings against Suprosa - Kwenn 19:04, 4 May 2006 (UTC)
    • Ok, thanks :) Silly computer games not sticking to canon hehe. Crazymoon 21:47, 4 May 2006 (UTC)
      • I replayed X-Wing: Alliance recently and I'm sure it does say that they are Bothans (except for one Y-wing which is flown by Ace Azzameen). Green tentacle 09:26, 6 June 2006 (UTC)

About that picture of Dash... please, poor man!! the Dash character deserves a better picture... please swap it with the pic of Dash's original action figure or the front comic pics. Anyway, change it at once.

One AT-AT, huh?Edit

Is the novelization the source for Dash only taking down one AT-AT? That's fine if it is—though the game has him taking down about three, it's fair that the novel came first. It just makes the intro quote we have for him now a lot of hot air... "could have stayed and knocked over those walkers all day" seems like a bit of bravado just for one heavy walker. -BaronGrackle 08:08, 10 October 2006 (UTC)

  • If we were to tally up every AT-At destroyed in the Battle of Hoth levels in various and sundry video games, the Empire would have sent hundreds. having him take down more in the game is just game mechanics.Darth Ceratis 03:23, 30 January 2007 (UTC)
    • Fair enough. But what of the AT-ST he dropped single-handedly, sans speeder, inside Echo Base? Is that still legit? -BaronGrackle 14:05, 30 January 2007 (UTC)
      • As long as it's an actual objective in the game and not just an optional task; same with the AT-ATs. If his mission required him to destroy 3, then it's canon, otherwise, simply game mechanics - \\Captain Kwenn// Ahoy! 14:39, 30 January 2007 (UTC)
        • Well, it is. And... so is destroying all the AT-ATs in the preceding level. But I'm willing to yield that the 3 AT-ATs, while not game mechanics in its pure essence, are at least "mechanicy enough" to be attributed to playability issues and superceded by an earlier novel and the general continuity of the Battle of Hoth. -BaronGrackle 14:44, 30 January 2007 (UTC)
          • Besides, from the movie portrayal, there's only four to five of them. I doubt Rendar is responsible for three of them. Also, take into consideration the Rougue Squadron games and such, where you have to kill three or four as well. It just doesn't line up.Darth Ceratis 20:15, 30 January 2007 (UTC)
It's like saying that everything in LEGO star wars sticks to the movie. That game might only be party-canon. Sorry I don't have a name...I just like pestering you guys!

The LATEST pictureEdit

I changed the infobox picture to the most recent one (his appearance in Shadows of the Empire: Evolution). Besides, I really hate that "silly, He-Man look" of Dash Rendar... Darth Paulus JaingHead (May the Force serve you well!) 01:11, 26 November 2007 (UTC)

  • Well, we usually don't have to adhere to latest appearance, but I agree that the Evolution pic you used is probably the best one for the infobox. The "live action" one is abominable, at any rate. Thefourdotelipsis 12:49, 26 November 2007 (UTC)
    • Boy, I'm so glad you said it! It's a pleasure that I am not the only one who thinks SotE:E picture is the best of Rendar's depictions... :-) Darth Paulus JaingHead (May the Force serve you well!) 13:18, 27 November 2007 (UTC)


Is he only a year older than Luke? Lando says in SOTE that he was at the Imperial Academy "a year or so behind Han." I don't know the precise time Han was at the academy, but I am guessing it was around 10 BBY, which would conflict with Dash being born 20 BBY, no? Starkar Mace 18:50, 19 May 2008 (UTC)


Check the latest padawans blog for the source. 08:15, 29 April 2009 (UTC)

Rendar turning space?Edit

I'm pretty sure he was in the atmosphere of Gall when he spotted Slave 1 and a bunch of TIE Fighters. A minor mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.


What type of pistol does he use I didn't see it in the article anywhere, I kinda looks like kyle Kataran's so I'll look into that but I'd apprciate any comments on the matter. -- 02:57, 30 June 2009 (UTC) Resser


why does it say he purchased the outrunner as his second ship after the outrider. the story the outrunner appears in takes place in 0aby/bby shadows of the empire takes place in 4 aby and he has the outrider in it. wouldn't that mean outrider is his second ship?Unsigned comment by (talk • contribs).

Type additionEdit

I just updated the infobox with the missing parameters, which included "type". Since he could be included as several "types", including criminal, galactic empire, rebel and new republic, I put him as New Republic since that is his last known affiliation, similar to how infobox images are, if possible, from as chronologically late as possible. If this is correct, please feel free to fix this, but don't simply revert my edit as that will add this article to a maintenance category. Manoof (talk) 06:26, July 15, 2015 (UTC)

  • Left it blank. He never really joined any organisation and was last known off doing his own thing again. Green Tentacle (Talk) 17:15, July 15, 2015 (UTC)

Non-canon Apparearances in the new canon continuityEdit

Since Dash is mentioned in the Disney Infinity 3.0 should he not have a canon tab, even if the only source of mention is "(Non-canonical appearance)"? (Talk) 11:24, January 17, 2016 (UTC)

  • As Elberg said, Rendar is mentioned in Disney Infinity 3.0. The game is declared to be non-canon in the new canon continuity, so I'm not sure that we can add the game in the Non-canon Apparearances in the Legends continuity. If no one wants to create a Canon tab for Rendar, I think we can leave the change made by Green tentacle. Darth Yarco (talk) 16:21, January 18, 2016 (UTC)
    • It seemed simpler than creating a new article just for that. As and when he ever warrants a canon article it can be moved there. If someone wants to do it now though, go ahead. Green Tentacle (Talk) 16:23, January 18, 2016 (UTC)


So, is he, or is he not canon?--Fekyu! 16:27, July 18, 2016 (UTC)

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