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Merging the two episodes into 1 page[edit source]

Since this is going to be similar to Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion, Twilight of the Apprentice and Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow, I think the two Ghosts of Geonosis pages should be combined into one. especially since they are going to be airing on the same day. Jkirk8907 (talk) 15:55, December 20, 2016 (UTC)

  • In the EW article too it says 'The title of the two-part episode is “Ghosts of Geonosis”', so it seems it's being grouped together like Twilight of the Apprentice was --Lewisr (talk) 16:01, December 20, 2016 (UTC)

Progate Temple[edit source]

Has it been confirmed anywhere that the temple seen in this episode was the Progate Temple? It seems awfully similar to it, but I'd want to know if this is actually the temple. GrandChewbacca (talk) 14:52, January 8, 2017 (UTC)

  • I imagine the episode guides may give an answer tomorrow when the trivia gallery etc are revealed for the episode! But I thought it looked similar too --Lewisr (talk) 18:21, January 8, 2017 (UTC)
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