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Boxes Edit

The lists for Jedi who were killed/survived are all messed up. If nobody minds, I will re-order the list in either alphabetical order or chronological order for when they died (for the Jedi who died) and last official appearace (for those who survived the Purge). I will also be adding sources and moving some of the Jedi to their appropriate boxes, as I see some mistakes there. Ressor 21:41, January 6, 2012 (UTC)]

The boxes are all messed up now more than they ever were, there are individuals placed in the wrong years they were killed and the events in which they met there deaths are placed in the wrong years. For instance the Conclave on Kessel took place in 19 BBY not 18 BBY. It happened only a few months after Revenge of the Sith. Characters like Kento Marek have a known year in which he was killed in which was 18 BBY. Simply leaving this characters at the bottom of each list box makes it look bad. Restore the boxes to how they were originally or at least modify them to look better. Rac Ward

Given her survival of Order 66 and subsequent involvement in the creation of the Rebel Alliance, I'm not sure why she's being massively discredited in this article. Not just this but any article that involves her.

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