two Guardians, one cup Edit

This reversion asserts that Guardians of the Whills is "an organization, not a title." The former is certainly true, but the term is also used as a title on several pages in Wookieepeidia. (Three examples: the page May the Force be with you refers to "Guardian of the Whills Chirrut Îmwe"; the page Lightbow twice mentions a single Guardian, saying the bow "was built by a Guardian of the Whills... marking the Guardian's progression"; and the page Battle on Jedha mentions "two Guardians of the Whills.")

If such usage is correct, then the singular Guardian of the Whills is a meaningful term, and should be this article's title per Naming policy.

If such usage is not correct, the phrasings on the cited pages (and others) need to be corrected. Asithol (talk) 12:18, January 8, 2017 (UTC)