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Off-topic question[]

I realize this is fiction and we aren't to apply real-life physics to articles, but wouldn't an infusion of 100% sterile water be a very good way to kill them through osmotic hemolysis (destruction of blood cells due to excessive water entering the cell)? IV drips are typically normal saline (or NS), a .9% solution of sodium chloride in sterile water, which is isotonic (possesses the same osmotic pressure gradient) with red blood cells, being virtually the same as the body's natural blood plasma. 100% water is hypotonic, meaning the osmotic pressure of that medium is higher (possessing fewer [hypo-] solutes) than that of the cell, which causes more water to rush past the semi-permeable cell membrane into the cell, potentially filling it beyond capacity and causing it to burst.

Wikipedia has a nifty diagram on its osmosis and osmotic pressure pages.

Any reason given why this doesn't seem to be true in the world of SW? Or is it just a case of the author not doing their homework? Or am I actually wrong? 03:41, February 21, 2014 (UTC)

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I asked if there was anything in the source material. ["Any reason given why this doesn't seem to be true in the world of SW"] But thanks for not reading that part and for giving a pointless template response.