This is not a Japor Snippet, it is MADE FROM ONE Edit

Someone should really read this article and think about how... weird it is... So, after reading all this, and having recently watched the movie, i still have one question: WHAT is a Japor Snippet? Because the thing on this page is not one. The thing that is pictured on this page, is a THING (Amulet maybe?), made FROM a Japor Snippet. According to this site, Anakin made a Japor Snippet from a Japor Snippet, which makes no sense at all. So... what exactly is this thing/amulet made from? What is a Japor Snippet? And why is the thing on this pages named Japor Snippet? Who ever thought "Oh, this is made from a Japor Snippet, let's call it exactly that!". No, normally, when you have a thing, and make something else from it, it's not the same anymore... Sorry for the long text but it just boggles my mind how... wrong this article is, and that apparently nobody ever noticed this. (Every time i see that scene, i can't help but feel like he is saying "i made this from alien poop :D " "Oh, that's so nice!")