Is this just a synonym or branch of MandalMotors? Both are attributed with the StarViper.JustinGann 17:49, 26 November 2008 (UTC)

Mandal? HypernauticsEdit

The thing about the Crusader-class at the bottom of the page said the Mandal Hypernautics sold the Crusader to the Mandalorians, but if they were a Mandalorian corporation, then they wouldn't have sold it, the would have just given the design. And, if they're not a Mandalorian corporation, then why are they called MANDAL HHypernautics. Just wondering.Mand'alor Fett II

Perhaps Edit

Petroglyph didn't exactly do in-depth research for FOC -- or they may have used a real faction from the books rather than had to make up the zann consortium...

I really think that mandel Hypernautics sounds better than mandelmotors, but; they should be considered one in the same i think, they both produced some of the same stuff, they both operated on the same planet... Any other star wars planets with more than one shipyard per planet?

General kerr 15:24, June 14, 2010 (UTC)

Mandel Hypernautics was one amoung many Corporations upon the planet of Mandalore, which also hosted a variety of clans, Since the days of The Mandalor Leader that united the clans, each chieften saught their own power, no different to Jabba, Zann or the Sith really.

Many worlds in the Star Wars universe were like current day Earth in the sense of Corporations working on their own or in co-operation with others... while it was profitable... nobody would just "give" designs away. and some worlds did indeed have more than one shipyard, others such as Kuat had one huge one that was often reffered to as the Kuat Drive Yards (as if more than one) but even if a world had more than one shipyard it doesn't mean only one corporation has access to it, owns it, or doesn't rent it out to others.

But in the sense of FOC, Mandel Hypernautics were at the time said to be the best corporation on the planet, with several raids on theirs and other shipyards (as mentioned in game) the Mandalorians had to hire additional security to pretect ship production.... so other corporations may indeed of had a hand in ship designs that were handed over to zann in order to protect their world from the pirates he was controlling.

-- 21:55, February 13, 2011 (UTC)

Lucius Voltar

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