What hasn't been shown doesn't mean it didn't happenEdit

I'm referring to the bolded text in the following quote.

Quote: "It is interesting to note that, given all known operations on the war (the battles on Concord Dawn, Korda 6, and Galidraan; the planned Death Watch attack on Moonus Mandel; the construction of the Death Watch Bunker on Endor; and the final encounter between Fett and Vizsla on Corellia), the Mandalorian Civil War took place entirely outside of the Mandalore Sector and the scope of the Mandalorian government."

This is obviously a speculation, since we have no idea whether they fought on Mandalore or not. The war went on since 60 BBY, which is 2 years before the Battle of Concord Dawn, which means that there's a possibility that something more happened before even though it hasn't been shown. So having a speculation like this isn't very useful since it's an absolute statement that isn't supported by any source. Gratulor - User Page 13:45, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

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