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He had to be killed, if you recall Han Solo put his gear on to set a trap for the imperials.

  • How does this mean he was killed? It looked like the Ewoks merely knocked him unconscious. Besides, I always assumed that was Marquand reporting to the bunker, presumably with some "urging" from someone off-camera, especially considering that when the Imperials rush outside moments later, there's Han in his usual attire. So either Han is capable of changing clothes and climbing down from an AT-ST with lightning speed, or Marquand is the one who made the phony call, and is still inside the AT-ST at the time the Imperials come out. So, the whole idea of Han putting on the AT-ST gear is balooney, if you ask me. - Kooshmeister
    • Also, and I brought this up on the discussion page for Tempest 3, but I think it's important enough that I can bring it up here, too. Watts and Marquand are, according to most accounts, the guys in the one Chewie gets. - Kooshmeister

Answer: Watts commands Marquand to get Chewie and Ewoks off? Inigo Montoya 00:11, 10 February 2007 (UTC)

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