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Got a question about when the assasin strain nanovirus was released on Mandalore that affected Fetts family (Legacy of the Force: Invincible), did this also affect all the clones and their decendants? If so this will affect alot of people on Mandalore (i.e Kad'ika, Jaing's family, and any other clone). Thanks for any insight, or it could be brought up in a later novel. Deanscotsmen022 12:10, 12 June 2008 (UTC)deanscotsmen022

This is not likely to have affected the clones like jaing and the other nulls as it is said in Imperial commando 501st that the dna changes made to them by the kaminoans makes their na diffgerent than the genome profile that a fett targeting nanovirus would be looking for, also they created a way to make them immune from the nanovirus that targets the fett genome. Also it is worth noting that the descendents of the clones would be immune as their dna profiles would be substantially different after years of breeding amongst other families to the point where the nanovirus would not recognise any fett dna they had anyway, as dr.Gilamar, mentions that a nanovirus that targets only 1 person would be extremely difficult to make as it would require the entire genome of that person to target or it most likely wouldn't work and would be rendered useless through random mutation, or if a person has a unique set of genes like the one the kaminoans used to control the aging but as the clones did find a way to stop the aging process this set of genes would have been rendered inert and unable for the virus to target. This is also true for the nanovirus used in invincible as it a modified version of the fg36 virus. It is safe to assume that although boba fett likely cannot return to mandalore the clones and their descendants are safe. sorry this has been a bit long winded but its the quickest i can explain it properly. --Mando'ade1138 06:48, December 14, 2009 (UTC)Mando'ade1138

A load of Osik?[edit source]

Should we mention that in the opinion of several doctors and geneticists (is that spelled right?) the idea of a nanovirus specifically being able to target a single person or genome only is "a load of osik" and may not be able to kill the intended target and leave others unharmed. The verpine soldier strand the imperials developed was broad enough to work on the entire caste as they developed it on a specific dna trait they shared, though this is also quite dubious as random mutation could render it useless or cause it to kill the wrong targets, and though the crew of the infected battle dragon had the crew from the queen mother's bloodline a unmodified or awry nanovirus would have killed them all anyway, the original target was tenal Ka and her daughter and the crew of the battle dragon may not have been the target.--Mando'ade1138 07:07, March 11, 2010 (UTC)

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