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So, are the eight sectors of the HoT/NJO Remnant former parts of the Alignment? Just curious. Or did Pellaeon lose all the Alignment systems? We know that Bescane is near Dantooine, and Dantooine is near NJO "Imperial Space", so "Imperial Space" and the Alignment territory COULD overlap.

Pentastar Alignment datesEdit

I know most sources tell of the Alignment being forged in 7 ABY, but the source on Jerec's involvement, has it exist following the Battle of Endor, since he died in late 5 ABY. Here's the passages:

Besides gathering a number of quasi-loyal Dark Jedi over the years, Jerec also became a billionaire by attracting wealthy silent backers. One of them was Grand Moff Ardus Kaine, using his right to grant exemptions from Inquisitorius audits. After the second Death Star's destruction, Jerec and several other Inquisitors joined Grand Moff Kaine's Imperial faction under the title Great InQuestors of Judgment.

Approximately a year after the Battle of Endor, however, Jerec was contacted by the former Prophet Blackhole, who revealed that Emperor Palpatine was in fact alive and watching galactic events from the Deep Core at the center of the galaxy. Blackhole charged Jerec with finding the fabled Valley of the Jedi for the glory of the Emperor, and Jerec pledged his submission to the reincarnated dictator, giving Blackhole the Vengeance II to take back to the planet Byss as a sign of his commitment.

What Blackhole couldn't have known, however, was that Jerec was already searching for the valley on behalf of not only the Pentastar Alignment but also his old mentors, the true Prophets of the Dark Side. Resembling a Divoran holochess grandmaster, Jerec pulled resources from all three parties while playing each side against the middle, intending to be the only true victor. Once he secured the coordinates to the Valley of the Jedi, Jerec converged on the site with his Dark Jedi.

Highlights in bold. VT-16 12:15, 17 November 2008 (UTC)

The Essential Atlas states that the Pentastar Alignment was formed in 4 ABY immediately after Endor, when Kaine walled off a large piece of Oversector Outer. It also mentions that High Inquisitor Jerec and Grand Admiral Grant found safe haven there immediately after the Battle Of Endor. If Jerec is alive and well during the founding, then it has to happen in 4 ABY and not 7 ABY as Jerec is dead by that point. What's more, Kaine and the Pentastar Alignment are the ones who pushed for and funded Jerec's mission to find the Valley Of The Jedi in 5 ABY.

Proper name Edit

Is it me or was Pentastar's name deliberately enhanced by "Despoilers of an Empire Part 1"? Apparently the full name is now "Pentastar Alignment of Powers". At least according to the blog entry, calling it that way twice, with a capital P in Powers. So I guess that means this is the proper name of Pentastar now? 16:03, February 28, 2014 (UTC)

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