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Keep "Decline of Taris"?Edit

Should we keep the decline of Taris paragraph in? It seems, in light of the Perlemians' antiquity, to be completely out of place. I haven't played either KOTOR - is it possible the information was provided by an ignorant or biased in-universe source? jSarek 10:29, 27 Oct 2005 (UTC)

  • I don't even remember a specific trade route being named in the game, just an acknowledgement of their being new trade routes at the time causing Taris' decline. --Fade 10:35, 12 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Perlemian/Taris location Edit

I have a suggestion for both explaining the divergent histories of the Perlemian and the location of Taris. 1. The original route of the Perlemian terminated at Ossus. 2. The Perlemian now travels "north" of Ossus, avoiding the Cron Drift. 3. The Cron Drift was created by the detonation of the Cron Cluster during the Sith War. 4. As such, it is likely that that Perlemian was re-routed around the navigation hazard that the Cron Drift now presented. 5. Taris is stated in its Wookieepedia entry to be in the Outer Rim. 6. Assuming that the Perlemian's route was not substantially changed outside of the immediate neighborhood of the Cron Drift, and noting that this change would have occured no earlier than 40 years before KOTOR I, the best location for Taris in the Outer Rim would be on one side or another of the Cron Cluster. In other words, the Perlemian re-route is the new trade route that cut off business from Taris. I would place Taris slightly coreward from Ossus, near the border with the Mid Rim. Comments? Contradictions? Thanx. --Jeffbacca 21:55, 27 April 2006 (UTC)

  • The map at agrees with you, for the most part. Taris is on the border with the Mid Rim near Hydian Way, and Ossus is closer to the edge, near the Perlemian Route. The only problem with your theory is that the map shows Ossus to be very close to the Cron Cluster, while Taris isn't close to it at all. Perhaps the "hazard" actually made that route easier to navigate, making the Hydian Way (which passes by Taris) outdated. Go to, then select "Galaxy"(in the left side menu), then "Galaxy" again. Go to the upper-righthand corner, then scroll one notch. By the way, this map is considered canon. It's a good site, and has just about every planet ever mentioned. (I can't find Tython, though, but the site isn't complete) Bredd13 21:55, 17 December 2006 (UTC)
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