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Um... Why does it say Zhar Lestin was killed on Dantooine, when on Zhar Lestin's page, it says he was killed by Darth Nihilus when he destroyed the planet Visas was from. (Sorry. i'm not good with names. =-D) Unsigned comment by (talk • contribs).


"In 3,960 BBY he commanded the Republic fleet at the Battle of Malachor V, forcing the Mandalorians into retreat from the Leviathan."
―excpert from article

Where does this statement come from? The exile was in command of the fleet at Malachor V as explicitly stated by Canderous in KOTOR2. In fact, it is never stated that Saul Karath ever even took part in the battle. Atton only states that he and much of the military leadership defected after the battle. The only thing that I can think of is that this error might have come about from a misreading of Chronicles of the Old Republic...--Sentry 01:47, 11 May 2006 (UTC)

  • I've no idea, I was just about to comment on it too. Especially since Candalore makes it clear that the Exile was in command of the fleet at Malachor V (until Revan finally showed up)/ There's another mistake as well:
"Immediately following the battle Karath was one of the many Republic officers to defect to the growing Sith armada commanded by Darth Revan, who placed him in command."
―excerpt from article

This is simply wrong.

  • Saul Karath had a predeccessor. He was not the first 'Grand Admiral' of the Sith Fleet - and was likely given that role by Malak as opposed to Revan.
  • Saul Karath didn't defect immediately after the battle of Malchor V. He defected after the Sith returned to republic space. It's one of the major parts of Carth's backstory

I seriously doubt that Karath was one of the people in Revan's third of the fleet - since had he been, he *would* have gone into the unknown regions with the rest of them. It's more likely that by the end of the Mando wars, he had control of his own portion of the fleet - probably ranking as Revan's equal insofar as "Republic ranks" were concerned, then upon seeing that the Sith were going to be the winning side, and probably agreeing with their general philosophy about the Republic being too weak, he decided to defect. Though that's of course my own speculation. (Ulicus 12:52, 13 June 2006 (UTC))

Theories on Predecessor?

When Malak orders Taris to be redced to three shantyhouses and a sandcastle, Karath refuses initally, but Malak tells him "your predesessor disappointed me, Admiral. Surely you will not the same mistake." Malak is clearly giving the indication that he did to the previous Sith Admiral a replay of how he himself lost his jaw, only going through the entire head. Any ideas on who the heck this "predesessor" was? ELV PS I KNOW THIS IS SPECULATION! I JUST THOUGHT IT WOULD MAKE AN INTERESTING DEBATE! Unsigned comment by (talk • contribs).

  • Some Republic admiral, duh. We don't know who. - Sikon [Talk] 04:18, 20 May 2006 (UTC)


I've edited this page so that the mistakes mentioned above don't appear. I got the information on his "act of betrayal" from Carth Onasi's dialog:

Saul approached me before he left. He talked to me about how the Republic was on the losing side... and about how I should start thinking of my survival.

This proves that the Jedi Civil War was already underway. Carth is talking about Karath leaving for the Sith, not the Unknown Regions.

I know now that he was trying to recruit me into the Sith, but I couldn't have conceived of it back then. I argued with him and he got angry and he left. I never saw him again. I just... I couldn't conceive of it. He... he couldn't be serious. I was wrong, of course... he not only left us for the Sith, he... he gave them the codes to bypass our scanners. I remember waking up as the first of the Sith bombers snuck past our defenses and began destroying half of our docked ships. I knew right away what had happened. I... could have stopped him... I could have stopped it all.

The last sentence proves that Carth is referring to Telos, since it's Telos' destruction for which he feels most guilty for. So it seems clear that Carth's use of "our" in the context of "our scanners" and "our docked ships" was...

Actually. Wait... doesn't Carth say that he arrived too late to Telos in KotOR 2? Whoops. Don't worry, I'll sort it out. (Ulicus 13:29, 13 June 2006 (UTC))

  • Right ok. Carth's comments about "Bypassing scanners" now refer to the Sith getting the drop on a Republic docking bay - as regardless of where it might be, that's undoubtedly what they're getting the drop on. Then the article continues as normal.

I've also added a "No Regrets?" section, as Karath seems visibly shaken by the fact that he's got to destroy Taris - upset even - yet he justifies his betrayal of Telos very callously to Carth. (Ulicus 13:44, 13 June 2006 (UTC))


is it possible if his homeplanet was taris? i know this isn't in a any source of canon but i'm just wondering since he was so upset about destroying it Groode hdoge 20:51, 3 October 2006 (UTC)

No regrets?

So? No one is pure evil in real world and only sith are pure evil in star wars. Saul was a traitor to promote his interests and get power, but it doesn't make him soulless mass murderes (in scale of billions at least). Unsigned comment by (talk • contribs).

  • Ho, ho. I can debate you till the end of time on "nobody is pure evil in the real world". And even Sith aren't pure evil in the sense you understand it.(Anakin, Yuthura, Jacen, etc.) The section is just making a plot point in which he didn't have regret in destroying Telos but had a regret destroying Taris, which are contrasting each other. --RedemptionTalk 15px 21:07, 21 October 2006 (UTC)

Killed by Carth?

When exactly does Carth kill Saul? I know you had that fight on the bridge, but unless Carth is meant to fire the last shot and take him down, I don't see how it's Carth getting revenge on him Lalala la 03:56, 31 January 2007 (UTC)

Rear Admiral

Dang, there goes my fanfic where Malak promotes Karath from Captain to Admiral just before the bombardment of Telos. But oh well. - Sikon 06:59, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

Saul is neutral

Upon using the KOTOR Tool to view Saul's stats, you can see that his Force aligment score is 50, which means he is actually neutral (0 = ultimate Dark Side and 100 = ultimate Light Side), despite Bastila and Carth's comments about him falling to the Dark Side. Worth mentioning somewhere.

If you're curious about other character scores:

Carth and Misson: 75. Bastila and Juhani: 70. Zalbaar and Vrook: 60. Jolee: 55. Canderous: 30. HK-47 and all Sith characters: 20. Vandar: 80.

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