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Here are some images you can use in the article: -- Ozzel 06:51, 12 March 2007 (UTC)

  • And a few more:

Much as I love the current one, I think either one of these first two could also make a great main image. -- Ozzel 20:39, 18 March 2007 (UTC)

  • Unused images removed. -- Ozzel 04:19, 1 April 2007 (UTC)

Sexual affair?Edit

throughout this article, it speaks of his sexual affair with the duchess of Sleet. Is there any outside source for this at all? the Ewoks series being the kid show that it is, I seriously doubt there was meant to be anything sexual implied about their relationship.Darth Ceratis 05:43, 21 March 2007 (UTC)

  • It's heavily implied that they are lovers. .... 08:34, 21 March 2007 (UTC)
    • Then perhaps "romantic affair" would be better. Being romantically involved does theoretically not have to imply sex (though of course in real life, it typically does... fortunately). KEJ 08:41, 21 March 2007 (UTC)
      • Additionally, Star Wars Insider 27 refers to her as "an evil mistress." -- Ozzel 04:12, 22 March 2007 (UTC)
        • But is that "mistress" as in lover or "mistress" as in the feminine form of "master?" I just can't that something in the Ewoks series would be intended to have sexual undertones.Darth Ceratis 17:20, 23 March 2007 (UTC)
          • This wouldn't even be a debate if the Zeltrons were involved. :P Adamwankenobi 18:05, 23 March 2007 (UTC)
            • She's all over him. If it's not sexual, then the Snow King would have melted from trying to stay celibate. .... 02:45, 24 March 2007 (UTC)
              • Well, I don't know. I haven't actually seen the episode. it just seems very un-Ewoksy for there to be any sexuality intended. also, is he even supposed to be married? If not, would this even technically be an "affair," and would she technically be his "mistress?"Darth Ceratis 18:40, 24 March 2007 (UTC)
                • No marriage. But as a God, he should be celibate. .... 00:11, 25 March 2007 (UTC)
                  • That would depend on the type of god.Darth Ceratis 01:13, 25 March 2007 (UTC)
                    • Eh. It was mistressy type situation. .... 02:27, 25 March 2007 (UTC)
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