When i try to visit Skywalker Strikes, i get this:

Perhaps the archives are incomplete.

The article you requested (Skywalker Strikes) does not exist. You can:

   create an article with that title
   search for Skywalker Strikes on Wookieepedia. 

If you want to create a new article, please check the title to make sure it complies with the Wookieepedia Manual of Style and naming policy, so others won't have to do this later. If you want to create an article under another title, type it in the box below and click the Create button to open the edit page.

When i use the link to "search for Skywalker Strikes, it searches for "Skywalker_Strikes" instead of "Skywalker Strikes":

http COLON SLASH SLASH starwars DOT wikia DOT com/wiki/Special:Search?search=Skywalker_Strikes&fulltext=Search

No results found.

Am i doing something wrong? (i also noted that something similar happened with The Gathering Storm.)

Help! Please, help! 04:10, May 7, 2017 (UTC)

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